Traders Hamptons or Long Island, NY

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  1. Dr. No

    Dr. No

    Hello I am looking for traders in the Hamptons or Eastern Long Island. I would like to exchange ideas and experience with bright individuals.
  2. East ender here.
  3. I am dating a Yenta with a house in E.H. .
  4. michael a

    michael a

    i'm an active trader who lives in southampton. email me at if you would like to discuss trading.
  5. Dr. No

    Dr. No

    Looks good so far. I will collect emails.

    We can form a www. group here at eastern long island.

    I think it will be good to exhange ideas on many different subjects regarding stock/bond/futures/currency/etfs/es etc. Also different trading software/brokers/etc.
  6. taowave


    East ender as well
  7. I thought this thread to be quite interesting.

    Can somebody please explain to me the whole "Hamptons" thing? I saw it talked about briefly in that very funny MOJO TV show called Wall Street Warriors, and there was a guy who actually worked on the Street by day and commuted out to the "Hamptons" on the weekends??? I thought that was odd.

    Is that an East Coast thing to do for Streeters? Or, should I consider the Hamptons the same way I do our Beverly Hills out where I live here on the Left Coast.

    Help needed in understanding that makes the Hamptons, the Hamptons! Just curious, that's all.

  8. Thanks, LJ.

    I took your link and then ran some google on real estate in the area myself and came up with this:


    Shelter Island

    12 bedroom(s)
    12 bath(s)
    12000 sq.ft
    24.80 acre(s)
    bayfront-harborfront Pool

    Or, this:


    East Hampton

    South of Highway
    6 bedroom(s)
    7 bath(s)
    12000 sq.ft
    1.90 acre(s)
    pondfront-lakefront Pool

    So, it would appear that the further "East" you go, the higher the prices of real estate in the area gets.

    When I looked at some of the interior photos of many of the properties for sale in the area, they all seem a little dated. However, some of the homes look new with custom arrangements. At these price levels, you can most likely design whatever you want, but the overall styling does seem far more "traditional" in its architecture than out where I live.

    Seeing other photos and video of the Hamptons area, it gives me the sense of Blackhawk in California, without the exceptional water views and some actual water front living. You get large acreage and you are not too close to your next door neighbor with great views. However, the pricing in the Hamptons appears to be significantly higher on average than that found in Blackhawk, California, more on par with Beverly Hills pricing. I think the water makes that a reality in that area. If Blackhawk had the waterfront acreage, then I'm sure you would see $40 million estates there, too.

    Thanks for the "tip." :)
  9. hamptons would be more akin to malibu.

    lots of wealthy and wannabees on the weekends.

    fantastic beaches!


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