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    A Trader's Guide to Self-Discipline - Proven Techniques to Improve Trading Profits

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    What's one of the easiest ways to improve your trading profits? Stop working against yourself. Learn to overcome negative trading behavior and take emotions out of the trading mix with this excellent new workshop from MSN Money columnist and bestselling author of The Psychology of Trading, Brett Steenbarger. He's also a real trader - just like you - and in easy-to-understand language, this lively presentation illustrates how to reduce impulsive trading, increase your self-discipline and - ultimately - your trading success. Discover why traders are saying, This is one of those rare tapes that I would listen to several times! Best course there is! Far exceeded my expectations. Self-destructive trading behavior. Every trader is guilty of it at some point - even professional traders and seasoned veterans. Yet - it's one factor every trader can change -which can dramatically improve trading success. Now - discover a range of effective techniques for changing emotional and behavioral patterns, from MSN Money columnist and best-selling author of The Psychology of Trading, Brett Steenbarger. Brett's not just a psychologist, he's a regular trader - just like you - so he knows first-hand that impulsive or irrational trading decisions result from more than just lack of discipline or good judgment. Over time, they become a vicious, destructive cycle. Now, break that cycle, using Brett's simple techniques to help ... 1. Dampen anxiety 2. Reduce impulsive trading 3. Develop positive self talk This entertaining presentation - with complete online support materials - not only can help you stop sabotaging your trades - it can help you to succeed in many aspects of life.