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    When people ask what do the traders produce with their trading?
    They take advantage of the economy, and do not add any value
    to anything.
    My question to them is what kind of value do you produce, when
    you get transfered to another job and you sell your house for more than you paid for. Why are you taking advantage of?, a guy
    who can hardly scrape up enough for dowpayment to buy your house.
    I tell them they are no different than Traders.
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  2. Rigel


    Making a living is a noble endeavor.
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  4. Dearest Sister Magda,

    I am Candle's live-in lover... he is currently shaving his beard off, as it was causing me considerable pain when he was trying to make a physical analogy between a butterfly spread and our nightly activities... I said I would leave him if he didn't make such an analogy in a more pleasurable manner.

    Anyway, Sister, my lover also spends all his time fixated with weird red and green bars on his monitors; he seems to obtain significant pleasure from observing them... occasionally, he shouts things like "thats a friggin' buy", and rapidly presses the keyboard... more often then not, in the subsequent few minutes he shouts "for f$*^ suck, why do I always enter at the top?"... in fact, I often wonder the same thing about Candle when we are engaging in our nightly activities...

    To be totally candid with you, Sister Magda, I am seriously contemplating leaving Candle for the local butcher; I become all warm inside when I see that butcher's hands tenderly caress the slab of meat that I buy from him...

    Being a trader's girlfriend is a tough endeavor, is infuriatingly frustrating, and requires the patience of a US marine hunting for Osama...

    I just thought that I would furnish you with my 2 cents,

    With the warmth of sisterly love that can only be envisaged between girlfriends of traders,

    Pavloveia Czeimislawa
    (Miss Siberia, 2001)
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    i like that one :p
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  6. Oh my Good BOYZZZZZZ!!!!

    What's going on? :)
    I saw really great pictures of Magdalena Wróbel, but sorry- that's not me :)

    I'm sure You want to see my pictures, but what for?
    Mabye I can send You a picture of my boyfriend :)

    But I must admit something, some of us advice me, that I should be nice for him, and treat him by my lips,

    You wish to know what I did with him last evening.

    Have a nice thinking.

    I go back to my work,

    Till evening,

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  7. rs7


    Hi, I am RS7's mistress.

    He is really a great guy. I now have the opportunity to type a little here because he is in the bathroom beating his wife.

    I know this sounds bad, but really, it is not his fault.

    He was just shooting up, minding his own business, when she came in and knocked over his crack pipe and broke it. So you can see she sort of deserves what she is getting.

    Anyway, he really is very sweet except when he makes losing trades. But he makes winning trades about half the time, so it's ok.

    Well I have to go now because he told me to chop up some blow while he was beating her, and last time I didn't, he burned me with his cigarette. It kinda hurt, so I will try not to let that happen again.

    Besides, I really need to bury the dog. He kicked it a little too hard last week, and it's starting to smell bad.

    Hope that all the other girlfriends of traders are half as lucky as me. I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful man. I think from my experience probably all traders are pretty cool guys. I would still have been with the last trader I dated, but I decided not to wait for him to get out. The parole board said it wouldn't be for a while yet, and I am not getting any younger if you know what I mean.

    So Maggie, I think that the 11 hours a month that these guys work is probably not too much to have to tolerate. Sure it's a grind, but we got a new propane tank for the trailer a few months ago, and it makes all the hard work pay off. So stand by your man!

    Best Wishes,
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  8. alain


    it looks like the only time when traders are not behind theier computer screens is when they are in the bathroom :D
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  9. rs7


    Well sure honey, what would you expect? Their job is very mental and they need to be in a conducive place to think!!

    Ohh La name! Are you a frog?

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