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Discussion in 'Trading' started by magdalenamm, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. mag honey post a pic of yourself ...we'd love to see what you l@@k like.:cool:

    ps i'm just like like my handle?:D
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  2. This thread is crap.

    That's not keeping me from posting to it, though.
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    What's up Mag? Nothing to say? Or did your boyfriend just get done taking a dump?
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  4. Ask about his naked puts.

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  5. She thinks we are like Robin Hoods, only we steal from honest hard working investors and keep the riches for ourselves.

    To make it worse, her objections are pointed mainly towards "proprietary traders" since their primary duty is to profit, not provide liquidity or act as a medium between buyers and sellers (i.e. market makers).

    I've attempted at length to explain that proprietary traders help create price discovery so all parties involve get a "fairer" price and that those riches don't come without the same type of risk that any ordinary investor takes.

    In short, she thinks that those of us who stare at computer screens for untold hours could benefit ourselves and society more by doing something more "productive."

    What about you, Magda? Do you hate traders as a species?
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    Magda, do you work at Worldco? I thought you started trading part-time yourself over there. So you should know and understand why your boyfriend was looking at the charts all the time. Well unless you are another Magda out there then I apologize.
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    What is more productive than making money? Is there greener money out there? F those starving countries, as soon as you feed them they grow up to become Shi'ite fighter pilots and start taking down your buildings.

    Sorry, I started having flashbacks from my Tour to the Gulf. Bunch of us sitting around working on our tan.
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    woman to what he loves if he loves what you love. Otherwise, give it up.
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    personally I think you should appreciate his hard work and help him relieve his stress by relaxing him physically with your lips.
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