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  1. Are there any traders independent or otherwise in the forex markets from India
  2. qtip


    Hey there, i am Indian, however I trade the Forex in the USA. I am looking into maybe opening a FOREX brokerage house in Mumbai.

    Do you have any info. on the amount of Indian traders in the Forex market?

    I would like if you could give me an understanding of the type of traders India has to offer.

  3. vinaysh


    i am from india. as far as i know not much of forex trading is
    there at retail level. may be corporates hedge their forex risks thats all
  4. qtip


    Where do most of the retail Forex traders open their accounts?
  5. fxpipx


    hi, :)
    i am from India and in forex trading since 20+ months, It is very nice and more profitable option against stock trading. I have done extensive research in forex and now i am doing very well FOREX TRADINGS:)
  6. ICG


    I am also from India and actively trading stocks in US and not doing a good job at it:( . I can use some help if anyone wants to lend a helping hand to a fellow trader. I am looking for a mentor who can help me become profitable. Any help in this regards will be appreicated very much....Thanks
  7. qtip


    Please let me know what specific problems you have and I would be more than happy to help.

    There are a lot of resources out there.

    Are you in India?
  8. 'wondering if you also trade the Indian stocks at home on the BSE and if not, why? It seems to us on the 'outside' the volatility has been phenomenal!

  9. ICG


    Thanks for the reply Qtip and Risktaker. I am presently working in US and only trade US stocks that I am familiar with. Try to stay away from Indian stock market. I am basically swing trading stocks from work and try to day trade when I am working from home. I am quite consistent in my losses :D . I am looking to switch over to day trading full time only if I can learn how to trade and am having finding it very difficult to learn doing it all alone by myself.

    I suppose the learning curve can be shortened and made less painful if you have a mentor. What basically I am looking for is to have a mentor who I can watch and learn from and who is trading professionally for a living. As I am not in touch with anyone who is day trading for a living and unable to do it all by myself, my confidence is at rock bottom. I would like nothing better then to trade as this is my passion. Any help for U will be appreciated very much.
  10. anugu


    Hi all,

    I'm Indian and have been daytrading fulltime since 3 yrs. I trade only the e-mini s p futures. Its the most liquid index with the highest payout/loss per tick. Just about breaking even now. Expect to post a profit from August 2006 as per plan. Went thru hell but i'm glad i stuck on. Looks like payday is now not too far off !:D
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