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  1. Anyone going?
  2. Nope this time :)(
  3. rechecking......
  4. Colombo


    Did the Webinar thing..... not too thrilling. Mostly theories except for the first speaker this morning who exposed his indicators....
  5. yikes! looks like no one is going. . .
  6. zxcv1fu


    I am from Vegas, I will be there. Some of my trader friends will be there too.
  7. Summary of a few pads of notes.
  8. zxcv1fu


    It is typical of the bull market attendance. Lots of presentations were full & could not get in. It is the leading indicator of market is going to selloff:)

    I went to 4 cocktail receptions:

    Tuco Trading provided the best one with nice people & great food (lobster tail. crab, jumbo shrimp, oyster appetizers) & great drinks. Small get together was good!
    2 big reception had lots of people but barely saw any food.
    Cybertrader had greasy appertizers & IBD book/speaker.

    Since I have been attending expo for several years, there were some that I have listened to before. This time I went to 2 Bo Yoder (, 1 Tom Incorvia(tigersharktrading), 1 Paul Brittain (Alaron Las Vegas) & 1 Thinkorswim presentation. Friday was option expiration day, I could not go even I'd like to.

    I bought some Pristine DVD the last day with discount. Learning is on going business!
  9. Reviewing your grading, if one was to go to the NYC event in Feb., the following would be worthwhile?


    Mike Burns

    Craig Shipman

    Johnson, Swope

    The best Traders you have never heard about
  10. Ill be it is only 25 blocks away frommy college.
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