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Discussion in 'Trading' started by MyNickel, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. MyNickel


    I see there is an upcoming show in NY. Is it worth going to or mainly guys selling books?
  2. You might a few free pens and a mouse pad out of it!
  3. pvahid


    Excellent Point
  4. Definitely worth going. Lots of presentations, etc. Forex seems to have taken over alot of it, however.
  5. benwm


    Which of the speakers trade successfully? Who is worth listening to? I enjoyed Rob Booker's 'Trader Radio' blog for a while and I've heard of Don M and Linda BR but that's about it...

    Anyone care to share their thoughts on the other speakers?
  6. MyNickel


    I'm looking at the list of presenters but don't know much about any of the guys.. ? hmmm
  7. I went to the NY show about 4 years ago and it was worth my time. Sure, it is mostly firms trying to sell you more software and a lot of it is dominated by FX but there is other stuff to see. I remember talking with the gold coin salesman for a good half hour - I am sure he has done as well I have since our conversation :D

    I will be there this year to promote my website and to check out the gold trading event on Monday.
  8. RedDuke


    I went to Expo last 5 years.Skipping this year, did not see anything that interest me.
  9. Andiroo


    I thought the content looks very poor. These tend to be vendors trying to sell $$$K courses to would be traders. Networking might be ok. I hear consistently that Morningstar Investment Conference is really best VFM in the US for content and networking.
  10. patoo


    I went 6 years ago to see Raschke. Ended up networking and learned about this website. I have had love-hate relationship w/ ever since.
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