Traders' Expo this weekend in NYC - anyone?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by KCalhoun, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. KCalhoun


    Hi -

    I'll be a featured speaker on tape reading at the NY Traders' Expo this weekend (Sunday at 8am); anyone else going to be there?

    Baron, if you'll be there, and/or other ET forum traders, let's get together, if you guys want? I'll be there all weekend, if anyone wants to get together, say Sunday night at 7pm at the hotel bar or wherever...

    -ken c
  2. Sushi


    No one gonna be up 8 am Sunday. You paying for that spot? Petty stupid! Nuttin but forex trader at expo anyway. Stocktraders long since abandoned tat place. Mo tape reading in forex. Wat da point? Gonna be lonely weakend
  3. Hello Ken,

    I should be there on Sunday. Don't know about 8am.

    Tape reading ... by this you mean T & S ?
  4. ram



    I'll be there on Sunday.
  5. Mario66


    i'll be there monday
  6. At 8am?

    No way, but hopefully you'll get a turnout from the hardcore out-of-town crowd.

  7. Who actually goes to that snakeoil convention anymore?

    Except hopeful newbies and snakeoil salesmen.
  8. for those that are going and are bringing a laptop, do you generally haul your laptops around with you or do you leave them in the hotel room to risk being stolen by housekeeping? what if there's no room safe big enough to store it in?
  9. You leave them in the room of the quality hotel you are staying. Seems worthless to carry them with you.
    Sorry I can't help you on Sunday Ken, by 7 pm on Saturday I'll have seen everything I want to see in the Hall.
    Sunday I'll be in tux on the left coast.
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