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  1. Me and a few buddies used to sign up the whole desk & check them in early. The guys would always appreciate the pre-checkin and never show up the night before so it was win-win... and you'd get 10-15 drink tickets...

    Free booze in NYC is rare... disappointed they shut that down. Was a pretty decent group of guys that would show up for the night before scene.
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  2. Without free booze midtown is torture not vacation...
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  3. JamesL


    She wasn't last year. Year before she was just sitting there and no one gave her a second thought. In 2010, I went hoping to meet her ... but alas, no lass.
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  4. I don't know about that, I love going to NYC!
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  5. Did anyone attend the expo this year 2013? what's the word....
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  6. It was a virtual ghost town, the quietest I've ever seen it..
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  7. I am not surprised. Someone said they were cold calling attendees trying to get the numbers up. I bet this will be final year. surf
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  8. I was there first night. it was all big-name retail brokers with a few education firms. No prop or anything along those lines. IBD and some other news and data providers were there.

    Overall, from seeing that at a place like NYC you can tell the small businesses in the trading industry are all but gone. The environment for trading today is the worst I've seen in a dozen years of trading the markets.
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  9. what was the crowd like? Mostly retirees/homeless/cnbc shut ins/the infirmed OR younger, successful looking people?

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  10. koolaid


    It was a nursing home

    source: I was there
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