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Discussion in 'Trading' started by ninety, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. ninety


    Any ETers attending this show? Can you please post periodic updates about the happenings at the show and related topics of interest to all of us? I had planned to attend but had to cancel out. Thanks.
  2. just booked the ticket, for the weekend!
  3. ?....Cheap gourmet buffet dinners, clean hookers, concert tickets?.....:cool:
  4. lescor


    I will be there, but in the past haven't spent more than a couple hours at the expo itself. More a chance to get together with some friends and just hang out. I take it ET isn't doing anything for this one? How about Don Bright? You buying any of us drinks big guy?
  5. EricP


    I'll be there. Free drinks from Don sound good to me (or a Bright Trading T-shirt, as my current Expo T-shirts have seen better days). What do you say, Don?
  6. Yeah I'll be there. Free drinks on Don sounds good to me. :D
  7. ditto!
  8. Me too.
  9. Hi all,

    I am local to Las Vegas. I am interested in talking to like minded traders. If any locals here in LV or anyone visiting the show want to meet up to discuss trading, etc. send me an email at user244075 ( at)) yahoo (dot))) com.
  10. count me in!
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