Traders Expo 2009 - worth going?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Kurzwhite, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Kurzwhite


    What's your opinion guys, is this year's Traders Expo in NYC worth visiting? I'm planning to come from Europe and I trade mostly stocks on both intra-day information and on technical basis. 7 years experience, profitable. Using Realtick, IB.
    Is it likely that I'll find some good ideas from the Expo?
  2. Kurz,

    I will give you a great, honest answer.

    I run a trading room. I advertise.

    If I purchased a spot at a conference it would be for the purpose of marketing. I would not teach you something for free. I don't think anyone else will.

    Like anything else, you the consumer will need to chose what product you want.

    Since you are coming such a long way, unless you want to see some other sights, I would suggest a less expensive way.

    Look at all the expected vendors. Try to find the methods they are offering from literature or web sites or trials.

    Then if one or two meets your criteria, sign up for their course, books etc.

    Think of these events like an event showing off colleges. You will not get an education, you will see the best dress and an invitation to sign up.

    And if you are profitable, you can probably teach others how to trade.

    Good luck.


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