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  1. I am just curious as to the extent of education for most traders on E.T. How far did u go ? highschool ? college? college degree? ivy league degree? law/ med? beyond?
    just curious !!
  2. finished 6th grade:D
  3. Undergrad degree in accounting. But your education doesn't really matter. It's all about dedication, willingness to learn EVERYTHING, and HARD WORK!! I've seen guys with high school degrees make it big, they were willing to put in the work needed.
  4. college degree from l.s.u. in business management. i agree with u caliber.
  5. cheeks


    B.S. Finance, from a second tier southern school you have never heard of.:)
  6. Te'

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    Went to university of Wall St. and I am currently going to grad school at university of La Salle St.
  7. John Q Public

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    Mortuary Collage- no, really.
  8. currently a sophmore at isu
  9. PhD of BS
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    High School, and Beauty School
    Hah, and you guys thought you had to have college to be a successful trader.:p
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