Traders Common Mistake

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  1. i have seen according to my trading experience some common mistake we do always even after having major losses. why we cant come out from same mistake . i know same mistake not a mistake its a own choice but myself doing also.

    Thanks in Advance
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    generally beginners do some common mistake as like no practice account , low emotions control ability etc.
  3. Stop Loss Discipline

    No Emotions
  4. very common mistake is overconfident.
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  5. maxinger


    The most common mistake is
    many traders don't trade. They invest
    (ie they can only press the BUY button first).

    There are actually many investors in this
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  6. lack of stop loss discipline everyday occurs. agree
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  8. SunTrader


    “The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

    - Henry Ford
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  9. mute9003


    new traders get pumped from all the bros coming in hot with some cash and throw it in some rando stocks that seem legit

    only a few traders start off right, with guidance of an experienced trader and skip past the common mindset mistakes
    most of us go to internet to learn about trading and hit the "jackpot" of youtube pumpers promising lambo this weekend and bragging about "how i made 150k trading for one hour a day
    so right off the bat people get sucked into the wrong mindset and chase the money
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  10. Jzwu2017


    The major trading mistakes I personally have experienced:

    1. Overtrading
    2. Double down on bad trades trying to make it back
    3. Not taking losses on wrong trades
    4. Revenge trading
    5. Use big sizes/positions

    Unfortunately, I have done them all and many times over. Often you realize your mistakes but to consistently do it right is the hard part.
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