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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Toonces, Dec 24, 2003.

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    Can anyone remember the name of a traders' coach who helps traders overcome mental blocks? There was a thread about her a while back, but I can't find it. She has some kind of association with Bright Trading. It's not Ruth Baron Roosevelt.
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    I'm unable to delete this thread for some reason. Just found it; it's Robin Dayne. Anyone work with her? Good? Bad?
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    Robin is great. She has helped me a lot in the past.
  4. the top trading psychologist in the world at this time is flavia cymbalista. she specializes in helping money managers and traders access internal information to assist in the decision making process. not only does dr. cymbalista provides an extremely unique, cutting edge system ; she is extremely personable and easy to work with.

    i highly recommend her if you wish to take your trading to the next level.


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  5. Maybe you are looking for Adrienne Toghraie?? her website is Cheers.
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    I agree Flavia's work is really excellent. Actually the whole area of Focusing is an interesting one. Flavia's clients include George Soros and Nasim Taleb.

    I have had some good results.

    I have run into few of the other 'trading coaches' at various trade shows. They all seemed very pushy, I remember Toghraie had a booth at a trade show in LA one year, I bought her books, that came with free 15 min phone consult. The phone consult was pretty useless, her main goal was to sign me up for her 2 day private consult for a mere 6k.
  7. How many of you have personally used her services and are not just commenting on hear say.

    Her website seems impressive,even though I confess that I view this arena with a healthy dose of cynicism.

  8. i know her personally and have had many discussions concerning her work. cynicism is natural and a good thing, when a new concept is introduced. flavia and her concepts are groundbreaking in the financial arena.


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  9. is Robin Dayne
  10. Thanks surfer.

    Interesting she is, I've been perusing her website.
    Are you SURE that Soros and Taleb are her clients. I would be surprised that someone like Taleb would use her services. He sems too cerebral to give any value to emotions and psychology. But I may be wrong in my assessment.

    Merry Christmas to you!
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