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  1. Anyone interested in being part of an email and occassional conference call group, to discuss trading ideas, trading triumphs, trading failures (no one has any of these of course), things we are working on, the state of the economy, or just to have contact with other traders during the day, please respond to me PM:)

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Ebo


    Get a dog!
  3. I've got two cats, but they have retired from active trading.
  4. HOW?? I would use a HotComm setup... but then it is TYPING for everyone!!

    That SUCKS! I hate typing! :D
  5. For a traders discussion group with voice, using something like Paltalk, it works great. Also a Yahoo Instant Messenger voice room would work, so no need to have to do phone conference calling which is expensive. You can do Yahoo and Paltalk for free. The difference between the two: Paltalk is half duplex, only one person can speak at a time, while Yahoo is full duplex, where you could hear everyone speaking at the same time, similar to a phone call where you can hear both parties at the same time. If you are wanting visuals to accompany voice/audio then you would need something like a HotComm or an OmNovia room but those cost money, but would be necessary if you wanted a large online gathering. If is just a few of you and you wanted visuals then you could use Microsoft's free program that would allow you to share charts, slides, etc. in real time called NetMeeting. These are things you could set up yourself or feel free to join any or our club meeting webcasts we do with Cornerstone Investors Network. We have different speakers in each month teaching on trading strategies and technical analysis techniques in a audio/visual chat room setting and there is a lot of discussion going on with the traders in the room during those sessions. If you are looking for more of a "round table" brainstorming discussion type group, then one of the club members has a free chat room that could be used for something like that since there are other traders that meet in his free discussion room during the day anyway discussing the trading they are doing, etc. He also does some of these trader discussion group sessions in the evening every couple of weeks. If you are interested in attending any of these traders club webcasts or getting in on any of these trader discussion chat sessions, let me know by sending me an email at or visit our traders club website