Traders Club Webcast: Tuesday October 10th at 8:00 PM Eastern Time

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  1. The Cornerstone Investors Network will be having a Traders Club Webcast with Pete Hoyt of Best Choice Software at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday October 10th.

    This is a free webcast, as are all of our club webcasts. You'll be able to see the charts/slides and hear the presenter in real time.

    At each club meeting we have a different presenter sharing different technical analysis techniques and trading strategies. We bring in presenters who who present info on various markets from stocks, options, futures and forex.

    To receive the log in instructions and password for this webcast, please click on the URL below or if unable to click on URL, just cut and paste URL into your browser.

    I'll post the bullet points of what this presenter be speaking on, next.
  2. About the presenter: Pete Hoyt is the co- developer of the renowned Best Choice Software. He is an expert in statistics and has taught at 4 different universities, everything from mathematics, computer science, statistics, to chemistry and engineering. He has been a programmer for 35 years and in the stock market for 50 years. Pete has a very successful track record for long term stock selection, with a 70% compounded annual growth rate. Seasonal/Cycle Charts is the newest and latest development by Best Choice Software. Usage to date has produced astronomical profits!

    Pete’s topics will include:

    Seasonal Price Patterns

    Defining seasonality

    Key date seasonal patterns in stocks and futures

    Examples and definitions


    “If a market’s seasonality can be identified, then an investor has a unique opportunity to capture all or part of a highly probably trend in virtually any market.”
  3. Anyone trade any seasonal stocks like some people trade seasonal commodities?
  4. Is the concept of trading seasonal stocks that Pete Hoyt is sharing during this traders club webcast a new concept for everyone or are there traders here on ET who already trade seasonal stocks?
  5. The speaker for this meeting, Pete Hoyt, says that the Dow has gone up 31 out of 36 years in late October - early November (86% of the time). He says that there are specific stocks that make money during this time of year, so he says he is going to be going over the very best seasonal stocks that have consistently been winners in this time frame of late October - early November for the last 10 years. Plus he will be covering how he does seasonal trading throughout the year besides this time period.
  6. Countdown to webcast. Meeting starts in about an hour at 8:00 PM Eastern Time. If you have not registered yet, I am still sending out the password and log in instructions, so get your registration in, if you want to attend.