Traders Club Webcast: Tues. July 26th at 8 PM EST

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  1. Webcast: Tuesday July 26th at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

    One of the club members of Cornerstone Investors Network, Robert Bejarano is doing a presentation on how he trades during the day. Everyone is invited to attend this free club webcast.

    Since a lot of people wanted more specific details on entry criteria Robert Bejarano uses to enter trades and the criteria of how he sets profit targets to exit trades and set stop losses, Robert will be doing a training using the charts he uses to show the technical analysis criteria set ups and triggers for entering and exiting trades as well go over the trading rules and money management he uses in his trading. He'll be going over Forex, Futures and Stock Charts.

    For the visuals for this training webcast we will be using the webcasting platform (WebMeetPro) that he just started using recently (that works great) for his intraday chat room to show his charts in real time during the trading day so people can see the trades as they are triggered.

    The audio/voice will be provided using the free voice chat program PalTalk (see log in info below)

    Use WebMeetPro to see the charts (see log in password below).
    Use the voice platform PalTalk for audio (see log in info below).

    WebMeetPro Participant Code: 666908

    All you have to do to log in to see Robert's charts is to:

    1. Go to
    2. Click the "Join a Meeting" button (which you'll find down the
    left side of the page in the bottom third of the page, under the green links box. It has a hand pointing to it.
    3. On the page that comes up, just below the area where you will put in your "Login" info, you will see a link that says, Click here to check your system compatibility , click on that. Trouble shooting tips link is just below that, if you experience any problems.
    3. At the login screen, type in the Participant Code, your name, you can put 3-D Traders for company, and your email and click the "Login" button.

    The Participant Code: is 666908 which is good for entering the room from now until the end of the day on Tuesday July 26th, then starting Wednesday morning you would need the new password that is available only to 3-D Trader room participants. WebMeetPro may take a couple of minutes for room to load.

    If you like you can View the WebMeetPro online user guide
    If you have any WebMeetPro questions, please see the FAQs or get ahold of them at their contact info posted on their website:

    The name of the Free Paltalk voice chat room is: 3-D Traders

    A. Go to and click on the Download button on their homepage or if you already have an older version upgrade to the latest version.
    B. In the latest version click on either the "Chat Rooms" icon in the top left corner or on the second tab underneath that icon is a tab titled "Rooms" (either way will get you to a listing of the room
    D. Scroll down the group selections list to the 4th category from the bottom called "Business and Finance"
    E. Look for the chat room called: 3-D Traders
    F. Click on the name 3-D Traders, to enter the room.
    G. Have your computer speakers on so you can hear Robert talking.
  2. Just so you guys know, we do these free club webcasts several times a month with different people presenting different trading strategies and technical analysis techniques and money management aspects for trading stocks, futures, and forex. We have club meetings in Tampa, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Southern California, etc as well as do webcasts so that people can attend meetings from anywhere in the world. If you want more info on attending our club meetings in person or tuning in to the meetings over the internet send me an email: . We send out notices each month of all of the meetings and webcasts.