Traders Club Webcast: Sat. Aug. 6th

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  1. If you have an interest in hooking up with other traders either online or in person check out all of the free club meetings we have going on each month where we have a different speaker every month and traders can talk freely with one another in the chat area continously and at the meeting locations during breaks, etc. Here is the next meeting we are having:

    For those who do not live in the Tampa Bay area, you can attend both of the Saturday August 6th club meetings by webcast (see new URL for webcast below). You can attend both the SuperTraders meeting with Carolyn Boroden in the morning and QuoteTracker user group meeting in the afternoon with Jim Schusler using the same password: money. This will be the same room for both sessions. If you live in the area be sure to attend the meeting in person.

    See bullet points below for what will be covered in each meeting.

    SuperTraders w/ Carolyn Boroden from 9 AM to 12 Noon
    QuoteTracker user group meeting starting at 1:30 PM

    NEW Webcast Platfom Instructions (see new URL to log into on day of webcast, also be sure to go through the set up beforhand):

    Before the meeting you'll need to go through the set up process at:

    On the day of the webcast:

    Use the following password to get into the webcast for Saturday August 6th: money

    1. Click on:
    2. A small box will appear asking for your full name and password. Enter the password from above and then, click on "Login".
    3. Have your computer speakers turned on so you can hear the

    Be aware that the session is not activated (charts, etc., are not
    visible) until the moderator logs in.

    Remember that the Saturday August 6th webcast password is: money

    Traders Club Meeting
    Saturday, August 6th, 2005
    9:00am until 12 Noon in Tampa, FL
    at Manhattan Baptist Church

    Guest Speaker

    Carolyn Boroden, a Stocks & Commodity Trading Advisor

    She is well known for her expertise in how to apply Fibonacci Time and Price Methodology to Stocks, Commodities and Index Futures markets.

    She will be speaking on:

    An Introduction to Fibonacci Time and Price Analysis

    Fibonacci Price Analysis

    Overview of Price Retracements, Extensions and Projections

    The Fibonacci Cluster effect

    Symmetry - a simple but powerful trading tool

    Risk and Stop Loss Orders

    Trade Targets

    A high % trade setup using Fibonacci price work with CCI and the 34 EMA

    Raising your odds for success with time frame agreement

    Fibonacci on the Time Axis of the market

    Time Projections and Alternate Time Projections

    How to look at time histograms

    Current market overview

    The meeting will be held at the Manhattan Baptist Church located at 4300 S. Manhattan Ave., Tampa, Florida 33611. The church is located just 1/2 mile north of Gandy Blvd., 1/2 mile east of Westshore Blvd., and 3/4 mile west of Dale Mabry, on the corner of Manhattan Ave. & Wallcraft Ave.
  2. Just so you guys know, we do these free club webcasts several times a month with different people presenting different trading strategies and technical analysis techniques and money management aspects for trading stocks, futures, and forex. We have club meetings in Tampa, Chicago, Ft. Lauderdale, Southern California, etc as well as do webcasts so that people can attend meetings from anywhere in the world. If you want more info on attending our club meetings in person or tuning in to the meetings over the internet send me an email: . We send out notices each month of all of the meetings and webcasts.
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    Curious if you archive the webcast for play back at a later time?

    Would like to here Carolyn's preso.

    Thanks in advance.
  4. We don't archive any of the meetings, we just have live meetings only.
  5. Meeting is now in session for anyone who wants to attend the webcast.
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    It would be very usefull to archive those meetings for
    people that can not attend live !