Traders Club Webcast Sat. Aug. 26th: Chris Christensen

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  1. The Cornerstone Investors Network will be having a Traders Club Webcast on Saturday August 26th from 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon Eastern Time with Chris Christensen of AccuInvest. This is a free webcast, as are all of our club webcasts. You'll be able to see the charts/slides and hear the presenter in real time. Each club meeting we have a different presenter sharing different technical analysis techniques and trading strategies. We bring in presenters who who present info on various markets from stocks, options, futures and forex.

    To receive the log in instructions and password for this webcast, please click on the URL below or if unable to click on URL, just cut and paste URL into your browser.

    This registration page URL is working now:

    I'll post the bullet points of what this presenter be speaking on, next.
  2. Workshop Focus:

    No matter what stock trading website or software you use to scan for trading candidates everyone will find very helpful how to information that they could apply to many different programs, even though Chris himself uses TC2005 for his scanning.

    The focus of this workshop will be the development of an actual swing trading strategy. I will first outline the strategy. We will then put together a set of rules to use while implementing the strategy. Next we will use TeleChart 2005 to build a set of scans to find trade candidates for our newly developed plan. We will then evaluate the current market conditions to determine the direction that we should be trading in. And last but not least we will scan for an actual list of potential trade candidates for Monday's trading session.

    This is a process that all traders should go through before putting their money at risk. Unfortunately it's a step that most of them skip. Even if the strategy that we come up with in the workshop doesn't interest everyone in the group. It will at least walk them through the process of developing a strategy that fits their trading style.

    Instead of hashing though a bunch of hypothetical information I thought it would be fun if we rolled up our sleeves and dug into some information that they could use on a daily basis. Although I use TeleChart for locating the stocks, any software package could be used, so I would also encourage the non-TeleChart members to attend as well.
  3. Workshop Outline

    1. Secrets to successful trading strategy development.

    2. Risk reward analysis and developing a set of rules that are inline with your trading goals.

    3. Stock selection: volume analysis and stock characteristics. Not every stock is tradable.

    4. Market analysis and interpretation, a key facet to any successful trading strategy.

    5. Biggest mistakes that people make when building scans for any stock locating software.

    6. Building scans in TeleChart 2005 that tie into your trading strategy rather then cause to shy away from it.

    7. Building custom indicators for use with TeleChart 2005.

    8. Pulling it all together and scanning for actual trade setups.
  4. When you register you will get a password to enter the webcast room. Since we have two rooms, be sure to go in the Cornerstone Investors Network room and not the Cornerstone Traders room for this meeting. The reason I point this out is because some people have attended other webcasts and now have an icon on their Windows desktop to enter webcasts directly.

    If you follow the link that you will be sent, it will take you directly into the Cornerstone Investors Network room, but if you have attended other webcasts besides Tampa's meetings, like the ones that come out of the Chicago chapter, then you would have a drop down menu giving you a choice of which room to enter, if you were clicking on the Conference icon on your desktop.
  5. For those who can, stay around right after the meeting ends on Saturday because we would like to test out a new feature within the webcast platform to see if we can start showing real time charts in different charting packages updating in real time. No markets will be open at that time, but I can do some other things to see how fast everyone's page is updating.

    For these club meetings the presenters have been using PowerPoint slides in their presentations which update immediately when the presenter goes to the next slide regardless of number of people in the room, but if this new feature works well, it will give us the ability to pull up charts at the spur of the moment if we want to that will also pull up immediately with a large group and not be restricted by whatever the presenter already had on their pre-made slides.
  6. I have got some people who have registered that I sent the log in instructions and password to already. If you registered and did not get the log in instructions and password yet, you can send me an email to
  7. I just sent out some more log in instructions and passwords to the webcast we are having this Saturday from people using the registration page, so it appears to be working fine. If you have not registered yet, you can do so by going to link in the first post.
  8. Since some people have requested that the different club meetings we have to be archived, I'll will be recording the audio for this session this Saturday and then I will see if I can upload the audio to the web site where the slides can be seen as well, that people can click through with an arrow key each time the speaker says he's going to the next slide. I bought a program to put audio on the website so hopefully I don't run into any snags.
  9. We have different presentations that we do with the club ranging from presentations on trading strategies for stocks, options, futures, and forex. It appears we have more stock traders in our club than in the other catagories. I am curious, what do most people on the ET board trade? To give me an idea on the consensus, post what instruments you trade and whether you day trade or swing trade?
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