Traders Club Webcast 8/17/06: Don Bright/PairCo

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  1. Cornerstone Investors Network will be having a Traders Club Webcast on Thursday August 17th from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Eastern Time with Rob Friesen & Don Bright. This will be a webcast only presentation and this meeting is free, as are all of our club webcasts. You'll be able to see the charts/slides and hear the speakers in real time.

    To receive the log in instructions and password for this webcast, please click on the URL below or if unable to click on URL, just cut and paste URL into your browser.

    I'll post the bullet points of what they'll be speaking on, next.
  2. Here is what Don Bright and Rob Friesen will be covering in this club webcast:

    Pair Trading Online Workshop

    Session 1

    Topic: Take out the Noise
    * What is a Pair?
    * Why Pairs work
    * Mechanics of a Pair
    * The use of Pairs to take out Noise
    * Benefits of Structure
    * Risk Parameters
    * Discipline with Pair Structure
    * Fundamentals of Stocks and Pairs
    * Developing your Edge

    Session 2

    Topic: Power of Relationship Based Trading
    * Leaders vs. Laggers
    * Developing a Portfolio of Pairs
    * Portfolio Management
    * Baskets of stocks and ETF’s
    * 3-Way Trading
    * Crutch Trading & Piston Trading
    * Production: Earnings vs. Winnings
    * Technical Considerations
    * When things go wrong
    * Maintaining your Edge
  3. Here is the rest of the write up on this webcast:

    Bob and Don Bright have a good overview of what strategies and techniques are used by hundreds of their top traders.

    During this workshop they will share these reality based trading plans. From concept to tactical implementation, you’ll see exactly how these experts extract money from the markets. You’ll learn which markets to trade on a daily, weekly, and longer term basis. They will detail time frames for entries and exits based on profit potential and show how to limit the risks involved.

    There will be a question and answer period so you can have all your personal interaction with these professional traders.

    Bob Bright and Darren Clifford were named in the Trader Monthly top traders edition, and Don Bright trades, teaches professionals, and writes a monthly column in Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine.
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    This is great !

    I wanted to attend this seminar live so thanks, I will be there :D
  5. To avoid any confusion, this webcast with Don Bright and Rob Friesen is on Thursday Aug. 17th from 7:00 to 9:00 PM Eastern Time and that meeting is a webcast only presentation and the live presention they are doing in Chicago on the Tuesday, August 22. 5:30 - 8:00PM Central Time and can only be attended in person in Chicago, as that one is not being webcasted, but the one this Thursday the 17th is being webcasted. Just wanted to make sure no got their dates mixed up.
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    I did not recieve any confirmation or instructions in my email.

    How will I know where to log into?
  7. I left around 5:00 this afternoon and I am just getting back this evening. I checked and I did not have any registrations that had been sent to me, so I did a test on the registration page which we have used many times for other events, which has always worked fine before, but this evening when I registered using the sign up page, I did not get the registration info by email either, so something is wrong with the registration page that I will have to check with the webmaster in the morning. So, instead of registering through the website, you can just send me an email and I will send you the webcast log in instructions and password. You can send the email to

  8. I got a few emails since posting to register directly with me by email since the registration page is not working, and I replied to those but it is 1:30 AM Eastern Time so I am calling it a night and will reply to any other requests I get this evening at the start of the business day on Wednesday and will keep sending out the registration info as people register all the way up until the event starts on Thursday.
  9. I'll check with Don Bright and will let you and everyone else know in this thread in case there are others interested in being able to access that info later as well.
  10. I have only been doing live webcast meetings and not archiving them, but in the web conferencing room there is an audio record button so I could record the meeting and figure out how to the upload audio recording to the club web site along with the slides that could be uploaded as well that people could click on to advance to the next slide and just have Don verbally say throughout the presentation what slide number he is, so people could be on the same slide he is talking about . I already know how to upload the slides to the club web site, I just need to find out how to upload the audio. I'll look into that today to see what is entailed in uploading audio to our site and if I am able to do this I'll let you know if there will be an archive.
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