Traders-Charleston WV?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by bcavender, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. Looking to start an informal local group....

    Don't hesitate to email....

  2. Bruce,

    I am from Charleston and am an active trader.

  3. Speculator1929

    Speculator1929 Guest

    One time Huntington resident!
  4. Do you live in Huntington now? I am originally from Logan (but don't hold that against me) :p

    I used to get together with a friend every week and talk about trades and the market etc....but he moved to Wisconsin. It was nice to be able to talk to another trader.

  5. jay2


    i'm in logan. would like to get together to discuss trading. i also have a friend here that we bounce ideas off each other. email me ,
  6. Guys....thanks for the replies.

    What kinds of software systems are you employing and data services are you using?

    What are you primarily trading? What are your trading goals?

    For me, I use Nirvana OmniTrader and AmiBroker.

    Omni has worked great for me, but I am slowly shifting to AMI because of its programmability to automate my personal sifting criteria with less hours on my part.

    If the interest is there, maybe we could all get together for a informal discussion session over a meal at a centrally located point like Winfield....(or whatever the group likes)...something equidistant from Logan, Huntington and Charleston...(but with good chow!) I also received a direct email from a fellow in the Marrietta area.

    Maybe we could put together something once a quarter to get together and swap experiences or maybe find a very experienced floor trader that would be willing to teach/answer questions without trying to sell us something.

    What kinds of ideas do you guys come up with? I would be willing to pitch in on making something like this work.