Traders beware island scam

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Hitnruntrader, Aug 31, 2002.

  1. Who might that be?
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  2. the guy who keeps coming along to teach everyone at ET how to trade.
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  3. I always wanted to learn how to trade ...
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  4. Games like that are played in after hours all the time on the more illiquid nasdaq stocks. Stock will close at 22.69, after hours spread goes to 22.60x23.69; I've caught myself a few times almost lifting that offer without thinking.

    re: market making $1 away, I'll bet that for every sucker you catch with that strategy, you'll easily give back triple and then some when a news item on that stock happens to hit the wire and people start banging out all ECN bids $5 below the last trade.
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  5. Thank you everyone for all the comments. Obviously i am not happy with what took place. I do not agree with people placing these orders 1$ outside of the market. I think it is unethical. I also think it is unethical when people cut me off while driving, and i think it is unethical for people to drink and drive. The bottom line is that this stuff is going to happen regardless of what i think.

    One thing i want people to notice is how island handled this matter. Can someone comment on how only part of the trade got busted? How can you break the 1 print for 300 shares but not the print for 700? Why did they wait 2 hours to break it? Wow what a coincidence the stock moved over that full point and now i was in a winning position? Once again if the stock had remained a point lower and i had a negative position would the trade have been broken? Not a chance.
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  6. bro59


    Unfortunately I victimized myself on an island buy in just this fashion about a year ago. Hit the offer for 500 shares exactly 1 pt above what I really intended to buy, on a fairly fast moving stock. I considered it a lesson, never tried to break the trade, and have not since repeated it.

    If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.
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  7. You have a point there. Maybe the monkeys at Island are morons rather than crooks. But it's probably just a normal American business: A dirty, dull business model implemented by an imbecil who happens to have a little cash and to be sufficiently insensitive, with lots of even dumber, but a little less crass employees, who do a half-assed job for the 20 bucks an hour they get paid (as long as the owner doesn't see an opportunity to enrich himself by stopping payment on their checks).
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  8. "One thing i want people to notice is how island handled this matter. Can someone comment on how only part of the trade got busted?"

    its real simple.this was 2 different peoples orders.only one asked for a bust.
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  9. I fell for it to the tune of $20k one day.
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  10. jaan


    i guess there were 2 different sellers at your price level, only one of which agreed to bust the trade.

    - jaan
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