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  1. Hey guys,

    I am 21, just wondering if there are other people in this age group from 17-23, who wanted to talk stocks,futures..

    We could swap msn addresses, anyways..

    Let me know if there are other people, as most of the people on this site appear to be over the ages of 30.

  2. I'll be 21 on Sunday. I trade options on S&P Futures contract
  3. 22 and mostly daytrade emini's. Do a little position trading in some sector etf's
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    3SOF: I gather you spent some time being mentored by Rearden Metal. What did you learn?

    Leaira: OMG he was so totally awesome. Like this one time he asked me to put on some furry costume. It had a tail and everything, y'know kinda like a mouse? I felt like such a douche bag trying to read the Yahoo market report in that LOL!!! Then he says this is what it will feel like if you go bottom fishing. And the next thing I knew...

    3SOF: You were pounded remorselessly like a hired desert rodent?

    Leaira: Hell yeah, my stocks were like so on fire after that lesson! I've hooked up with some big traders, but nothing prepared me for that. Now I never take a long until the KY indicator confirms entry.
  6. Also, that is the funniest thing I have read on this site. Jesus Christ.
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    Hilarious frugi! You have way too much time on your hands. LOL
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    Highland, MI... good thing i lived (parents still do live) almost right down the street from this chick... crazy

    I'll be 21 in March.
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