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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by pabmove, Jun 23, 2008.

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    Anyone here using traders audio s&p 500 squawkbox to help them trade futures? Any success using this method?
  2. Anyone here shilling for traders audio s&p 500 squawkbox to make some extra money? :D

    Any success with this rather obvious ploy? :p
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    What can I say to make it credible. It's a serious question from a beginner. Please don't shoot it down and give it a chance.

    I realize you have over 2000 posts under your belt old man but let the newbie have his day.
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    I had it a few years back and it was more a "companion" to make one feel closer to the pits than anything else. Back then it was only 100 a month also. As for helping a new trader, let it go. The squawk guy is not giving trades, levels, pivots etc. All he does is call out the prices as they change in the pit, you get the same thing with your quote or chart service.

    It best it is kinda fun to listen to Ben go apeshit when a FAST mkt pops up.

    As a "trading tool" not worth the price of like 400 a month these days.
  5. I took the 3 day tria alst week. It was exciting and entertaining. It did not really help me on trading but it makes you feel the pit at home.

    I think it actually did make me take trades I would not have taken. I made me believe the market had strong direction with all the noise, but in reality did not.

    If you have an extra $150/mo go for it else save it...
  6. Thanks for the intelligent review Big Hog, it sounds like a pretty desperate way for someone to try to make money off of other people in the market, but as iloveoptions posted in the ES Journal, there are plenty of ways to skin the cat, just make sure you aren't the cat, getting skinned. :eek: :) :cool:
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    That's my experience too. I'd rather not listen to it and just focus on my own thang.
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    The prices are quite steep to listen to just audio from the pit!

    Does it really help?

    I have exciting notions of actually placing trades whilst hearing loud roars of traders.

    But of course whether it works in practice is another matter.

    Are there any other places that provide this service?
  9. Mate if you want excitement go to the track.
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    That's useful. Good job Bogan.
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