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Discussion in 'Trading' started by BondTrader50, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Anyone use this service? Any good?
  2. We've used it for years, we don't feel comfortable when it's not on. I like Ben and his site has been great.

  3. We use it every day as well. Great service. He's actually having a live Q&A tomorrow. Check out their site for more.

  4. lwlee


    Used it for 7 months and also Kuta's service.

    Mainly just noise. They're gonna tell you that you can decipher the market from his squawking. Yeah right.

    Love how Ben break out with the chit chat when he gets bored.
  5. Ben`s awesome. I love how he even gives play by play of fights in the pit.
  6. Why stick with it for 7 months if you think it is just noise...
  7. lwlee


    Cuz I'm not a quitter.

  8. It does take a while to actually "hear" all that is being said, and to put that information to use. Us old floor traders find it very helpful, primarily because we became used to hearing the nuances from the Pits. We do our best to teach our new people to extract the value from the "noise."

  9. I've been using ben's service for 3 years. I can't trade without it. I especially love it when this 1 local starts pushing the whole thing lower. It's usually borsellino.

  10. what service is it? link?
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