Traders at Goldman,smart and best traders in the world, or just lucky insiders?

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  1. I was told by my friends that goldman has all the money, access to the best technolgies, analysts, government contacts, lawyers, information, flow of information, contacts around the world,access to industry insiders, and the ability to see what their own clients trade, that it would be insane for anybody, anybody at goldman not to make at least 10 million dollars in profits for the firm per trader. I just dont understand how goldman could have been at the brink of bankruptcy, if they were so knowelegable Not withstanding the legalities of how they get their trading edge, it would have been impossible for them 10 months ago tobe at the brink but they were. So it begs the question, are traders at goldman actually good traders, or if you gave a 5 year old with everything I said above you would be able to make a boat load of money?
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    I think anyone who hasn't realized by now. That Goldman Sachs is a mob syndicate is a moron.

    Its not hard to make money when you have your competitors taken out by the government.

    Get taxpayer money to pay you double on your losses.

    Have Regulators who are on your board of directors.

    Sure, they are the best traders in the world.

    They are fucking crooks, and deserve whatever shit is coming to them.

    I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen to Goldman Sachs in the next year or so. They have built up to much negative karma.

    Watch this pretty good summary.

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  3. BREAK UP these Goldman Sachs assholes NOW!

    STOP all megamergers, especially of banking & natural resources from now on as well.

    All they create is monopolies in the name of 'efficiency'.

    Yeah, efficiency at screwing the small guy.

    These GS crooks ought to be broken up into 2-3 different parts & their Washington aparatchiks given the boot!

    Perestroika for the people!