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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by IN2WIN, Oct 6, 2003.

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    I responded to a thread "What are traders good for?".

    Then thought I might begin a new thread with that response as, for me, it gives the issue a different slant.

    I believe as "traders we both provide immediate benefits to others and the community, and have the opportunity to carry our success into the community by sharing the time we otherwise may spend traveling from a 9 to 5, or 6, or whatever job.

    On one hand our trades help make the markets more liquid, help keep the fluid flowing, We pay commissions helping maintain a vast brokerage industry, purchase pc's, data feeds, internet services, phone lines, ect. paying many thousands of other peoples salaries.

    In addition, we support ourselves, and families while opening positions we would occupy if in the "work force".

    Some of us help educate others in the art and science of trading, or share their ability to create income with those less able - even if we do so as, any professional shares their knowledge, - on a fee for service basis.

    When I was in professional practice I didn't give my services away for free either, except to individuals who could truly not afford to pay.

    If trading brings you financial stability, and personal satisfaction it must also positively effect those you come in contact with contact with.

    You can't share positive feelings you don't have. I am much kinder with my family after few hour of trading, then I was after a long day of dealing with patients, staff, insurance companies, labs, and the commute.

    I believe the secrete of a successful life, and the real end "goal" of every thing we do is "happiness".

    The happier you can be, the more space you have to be with others as they are, and the greater your ability to help toward their own happiness.

    I trade because I enjoy it, and I am thankful that I can do something I enjoy as a means to meet my financial needs, rather have to do something I do not enjoy as a "requirement" to meeting my families financial needs.

    I also believe that trading is one of the remaining "flat playing fields". Anyone regardless of age, race, religion, sex, geographic location, and financial status can achieve unlimited success in trading. Should they so choose and commit the time and effort required.

    I oft times feel that God created the markets as mechanism for wealth redistribution, equally available to all.

    As a trader the results you produce are 100% yours, and therefore, you may ultimately come face to face with the fact that in essence you create every result in your life. (I may be getting to heavy for some of you, so I'll end here).

    I've always heard it said that if you want career satisfaction, both personal and financial: "Find something you enjoy doing, then find a way to make into an income producing game".

    I have: I hope you do also!
  2. seisan


    Agree for the most part with your well thought-out original post.

    However, my take on javaboy's first-up, parallel closely-titled thread, is that he worded his thread title - while "rum-ly" :) waxing philisophical - in a mildly controversial way in order to best elicit some response.

    The result is that almost all of those posts are positive, insightful, and constructive - culminating with your own (at this juncture).

    Which leads to my belief that javaboy's effort has resulted in a well-balanced treatment of his original question by ET posters. Thus, no alternative "slant" may really be necessary... :)

    But, others may have a different view on the matter.... :D