Traders and casino gambling

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by rimshaker, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Do you guys find that you are in full control of your emotions when in a casino? Even after a prolonged losing streak. In my experience since trading for a couple years, it's so easy for me to walk out of a casino win or lose. Fear and greed have been tamed through trading. You see that the amount of money moving through a casino is NOTHING compared to the amounts you see going through the markets. I see things in probabilities rather than chances or dumb luck. And for that, i'm eternally grateful to be trading.

    I just hate seeing people sitting at a blackjack table who have no business being there monetarily, dont understand the statistics of basic strategy, get all emotionally charged on every single hand, then get pissed off at the poor dealers.
  2. why do you care? you said you are not emotionally involved because of trading. it should make no difference whatsoever to your ability to play a gain with a negative expectancy.