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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by mrmoose, Jan 18, 2004.

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    in am e mail i asked him to provide his name and who he worked for his response
    "Oh, I'm legit all right, just pretend you're answering a "blind ad" from the newspaper.
    If you cant handle that, go answer another ad, I have gotten 2 dozen responses already and have scheduled 3 meetings.

    At this point in my life and with my level of experience, i call the shots"

    another poser who couldnt make it daytrading who sets himself up as a "manager" or "agent" to try to make a few bucks of those of us hwo cna trade
  3. dude is

    he does not have an legit AOL profile ....

    meaning no profile is shown to AOL users

    be careful ....
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    my guess is he is shilling for a particular firm, if that is the case he is violating nasd that requires advertising for a given b/d to clearly identify the name of the firm. That is a rule that alot of people come awful close to breaking on elite trader lol