Trader's 5 question survey open to all!

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  1. TGpop


    1) Why do you trade
    2)What do you trade
    3)where do you trade
    4) Describe an average trading day (time you get up etc)
    5) What do you do while not trading?

    let's roll
  2. 1) So I can eat and keep a roof over my head.

    2) Varies from futures to ETFs

    3) Home

    4) Up at 6 o'clock

    5) Take walks and fight with my wife..........just kidding.
  3. NoDoji


    1) I still have some money left.

    2) Anything that moves.

    3) In the comfort of my happy home.

    4) Up 5 a.m., done @ 2 p.m. (or whenever)

    5) Music, writing, hiking, soccer, reading, movies, cooking, terrorize dog, identify smithereens

    (What is taking AAPL so long? The dog's begging to be terrorized...)
  4. clacy


    1) Why do you trade:

    Answer: To advance my net worth and prepare for retirement

    2)What do you trade:

    Answer: Mostly etf's, but also some mutual funds, stocks and occasionally futures. I'm also looking into closed end funds.

    3)where do you trade:

    Answer: Home or laptop when I'm on the road for work.

    4) Describe an average trading day (time you get up etc):

    Answer: I swing and position trade with hold times usually no less than a few days up to several months. Generally shorter hold times for futures of hours to days, but I only place a handful of futures trades/yr.

    My average day is working a full time job in medical sales. I mostly trade from daily charts, so it doesn't require a lot of time. I typicall spend about 30 min/day looking at charts and check a couple message boards, websites, etc a handful of times/day.

    5) What do you do while not trading?:

    Answer: Family time and work. I also am an avid sports fan and follow politics closely.
  5. 1) Compounded returns over time
    2) FSEX, ES, metals, grains, stocks
    3) From my home
    4) I live in Europe so I trade during the late afternoons and evenings. Before the trading day begins I usually read bloomberg news and some opinion websites (zero hedge and the like). I check the over night activity in the instruments I trade and some others like oil and USD. I also check the calender to see at what time I can expect news events to hit.
    5) During dry ups I read, occasionally post here or chat with other traders.
  7. 1) Why do you trade
    I don't fit well working into the real world
    2)What do you trade
    Futures and Etfs with directional and neutral market strategies
    3)where do you trade
    4) Describe an average trading day (time you get up etc)
    I sleep most of the time, only place few trades per month and adjust them as time goes on
    5) What do you do while not trading?
    I chase hookers.

  8. 1) because crack is bad for my health
    2) everything but crack
    3) from prison
    4) depends how long the other stimulants work
    5) plot crimes against humanity
  9. I was going to respond to you earlier, but I had to fight off some tracer programs before I could post.

    1) I trade to fight the machines (bots) and protect the futures of humankind. My team and I are constantly battling against machines. Our battles are tough, long, and never-ending, but we stayed strong (emotionally that is. Physically? Not so much). We hope that one day we will be able to defeat all the machines and bring peace to the world.

    2) I trade the major currencies. I know it's a tough climate, but somebody got to do the job and fight those spiker machines.

    3) My coordinates are 43:40:12N 79:22:12W, but that's not my exact coordinates. Unfortunately, for the future of humankind, I can't tell you where exactly I trade from.

    4) I trade when the machines are least expected. I get up at different time so that the machines can't detect my pattern of attack. Once I got up, I always keep my eyes on the enemy (except when I am studying, posting on Elitetrader, chatting, eating, writing resumes, and taking a bathroom break). Yes, it's a tough life, but somebody got to do it for the future of humankind.

    5) I am always trading, because I am always in a position. For the survival of humanity, I can't afford to not trade. I have to be ready to defend and sacrifice for the world that we live in.