Traderkay...what's your problem???

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  1. I saw the below message from traderkay and responded...

    both messages got deleted from no_pm_please thread on divergence.

    I've reposted it here in ChitChat where it deserves to be.

    Mr. Traderkay

    Once I've told you many times before...I got nothing to reveal to you about backtesting if your still upset about that from our prior conversations.

    I'm more than happy to tell you all you want to know about Intraday Japanese Candlesticks in a realtime trading room...explaining patterns as they occur while supporting them with hundreds of hindsight charts...

    during actual trading conditions.

    As for those rules you call ridiculous B.S. rules and regulations you impose...

    I'm the room moderator...the rules are designed to keep out brokers looking for new clients, Porn site spammers, hackers trying to do DCC connections with members, non-traders, pikers, lurkers and any other cry baby...

    In fact...anybody who was in the room recently during Open House will verify a particular jerk that showed up and started spamming the room with Porn site information...

    (was that you???) seem to have a problem with me preventing crap like that. are most of those B.S. rules you disagree with...

    * Lurking is not allowed.
    * Trade posting is required (real money or paper trades)
    * We are looking for quality among the members via participation and interaction (posting of trades, questions, answers and/or commentary...we're not concerned with quantity.
    * Do not insult the room members by saying your here to only learn and are unable to post a trade.
    * If you truly want to succeed as a will have to speak up (interact) and stop giving everybody the impression you are succeeding via being silent.
    * If you did not post a trade not post a trade exit.
    * You are not allowed to ask for specific advice for trade entries nor exits. Too many traders have a bad habit of telling or suggesting to others how to trade without revealing if they themselves are actually trading their own advice.
    * Those that post their trade positions is the best trade advice you can receive because these individuals are walking the talk.
    * Please wait for the trader to post his exit or wait for the trader to start talking again before asking questions about his/her trade.
    * Off topic discussion should be done via private messaging instead of being posted in the open forum to prevent distraction from trade posting and to prevent distraction amng traders discussing their open positions.
    * Your required to post a Trader Profile that includes a chart of what gives you trade signals so that other room members don't need to ask questions like...what chart interval are you using, what indicator are you using et cetera.
    * To get on the active member list you most share one trade strategy...from start to finish...with a minimum of one chart example.

    (By the way...I've freely shared dozens of entry to exit and give monthly free seminars/workshops in hindsight crap...all verified by other members that are also members of

    Mr. Traderkay...the above are ridiculous B.S. rules that I impose on members???

    In my room...there are 3 successful traders with verifiable trading records, in the room there 3 women traders, in the room there 3 ex-military individuals, in the room there are 2 ex-brokers, in the room there are traders that use Fib ratios, trend reversal traders, struggling traders, beginners, divergence traders, price action only traders, traders from Germany, France, Canada, U.S.A., Australia, Belgium, Israel, Egypt, Portugal et cetera...

    we have traders losing money and tired of such and traders making a lot of money and willing to share trading tips...if asked.

    all respecting what you call ridiculous B.S. rules and regulations.

    It's traders like you that I enjoy kicking and banning because you guys don't want to share while expecting others to share...

    you want to be spoon fed...such will not occur in the rooms I moderate.

    Your a piker and a cry baby...

    traders like you don't deserve to be among those that prefers to share in realtime instead of only at a discussion forum.

    Once again...when your willing to learn about intraday japanese candlesticks...

    you know where to find me.

    However...leave that attitude problem you have at the door before entering or else you'll risk being kicked and banned from the room.

    Last of all...I do understand you are only interested in learning stuff that interest you.

    However...just because a trader shares something that your not interested in or don't agree with...

    doesn't mean he/she is doing any less sharing than someone you want to listen to...

    Your so stuck in that complaining mode that you can't understand what I've just said above.

    I wish you the best with your trading...I'm done responding to you in this particular thread because I've wasted enough time responding to your personal attacks...

    I'm arrogant but not a bastard.

  2. dbphoenix


    Actually, these are great rules. I wish every trading room had them. (I also wish every trading room knew the difference between a trading room and a chat room, e.g., ours)
  3. Pabst



    Sound's like you run a classy place. My respect for you just went up a notch.
  4. IMO!!! Some great traders in this room! :)

    The rules for the room are extremely effective at keeping the rif raf out, so we can all concentrate on trading and exchanging trade ideas.

  5. TGregg


    It is indeed. In one room I attended (a fee-based one, even), users that post their entries, then do not post an exit if the trade goes against them, only posting the glorious exits. That is generally not the case in NihabaAshi's room, darn near all trade exits are reported in real time. And in particular, that is not the case with the trades that NihabaAshi posts - every entry that I've seen has either been eventually followed with an exit (provided I was in the room all day), or (in exceptionally rare cases) a post that he will be holding overnight.

    I know I have posted too many losers there. :D
  6. whos really got time to type in their entries and exits in real time during a busy trading day?? not me, for sure......