Traderhouse Global ? Do they rock or is this just another ripp off ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Marsupilami, Nov 18, 2005.

  1. Hello,

    does anyone have experiences with the forex courses offered by traderhouseglobal?

    Their trading method is supposed to be a sure fire thing, however, I am somewhat reluctant as the courses are quite expensive, and I have been ripped off more than once in the past :D !

    On top of that, the software that is used for this kind of trading is expensive as hell, over 1,200 USD/month for the charting software alone (Pronet). So you've got to be profitable or else you'll have some serious debts.

    Any experiences with them ?


  2. Their website seems cheap... With so much money they could hire a better website designer/programmer. :D
    Anyway, even it didn't seem cheap, I would say don't pay for it... You can do it on your own.
    Good luck.
  3. The thing that got me interested was the charting software, namely Pronet.
    Traders have told me that Pronet is used mostly by banks and professional forex traders. They know they can charge 1200 USD a month because their stuff is hot. But, I am not going to subscribe to this software without knowing how to use it correctly, so when I googled up Traderhouse, I became interested...
  4. I use the Dynamic Fibonacci Trading (DFT) strategy. There is a cheaper alternative to Pronet now as a source of dynamic fib levels.

    It still costs (You'd be hard pushed to do your own calculations). You can check out the easier to use, cheaper DFT software at

    Best regards
  5. The cheaper alternative (DFT) still costs $600 a month. Not worth the money. Did you pay $500 for the basic training course from Traderhouse? I did and it was a joke. You can find the same info at for free.