TraderGuard GOLD - Scalping interface for IB TWS

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    The new version of TraderGuard is available to dovnload.
    TraderGuard GOLD - Scalping interface for IB TWS

    where to get it:

    Some of the new, extremely useful features are automation in buying
    at BID, and selling at ASK. TraderGuard Gold will not only submit
    BUY at BID, but will also monitor price and other bidders for you and
    as soon as the BID price changes, it will adjust your submissions to
    the new price. That's not all. If the other bidders will leave you
    quickly behind, TraderGuard Gold, new improved engine, will escape
    from the BID and resubmit a new order for you. I know it may seem
    almost impossible, but it is here and ready for you to try. Like
    some people say "seeing is believing"

    Auto BUY at BID and auto SELL at ASK are not the only two new
    features. There is more. Automatic exits, automatic profit
    collection, automatic stop orders; all of that in a single

    We are very pleased with our creation. Being honest with you, we
    didn't anticipate such great results, but thanks to our registered
    users, and members of yahoo TraderGuard and ibusers groups made it

    TraderGuard GOLD software development group wants to thank to all of
    you for strong support and positive criticisms.

    At this point, all we need to say is: please enjoy the software.


  2. Lojze you rascal. Is this your program? I can't reply until you fess up about the night charts. Looks pretty nice. The only problem is you need to trade with IB, which could be the weak link in the fence. This program should be offered to all comrads free, so we can use it to take away the capitalists pigs capital.
  3. At any rate, I downloaded the demo and it won't fit on my screen. The right edges of the short side are cut off. Now I'm no salesman, but it seems to me, even if my product didn't work, I would at least be sure the demo worked. Who knows how many potential customers IB has scared off with that awful almost nonfunctioning demo. Also, back to Traderguard, why is now my desktop filled with all those icons? About 20 of them. All of them have something to do with Traderguard. I'm a trader not a programmer. All I want to know is what button to push.