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  1. in this trade see chart. jour.png
    will discuss my trading ideas and method here.
    Any body is welcome to discuss here provided they discuss trading ideas techniques and are willing to work hard at explaining themselves with the help of charts
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  3. in this trade
    jour 2.png
  4. truetype


    What does "Size 0.05" mean? Is that 0.05 million $, or €, or neither?
  5. this is in forex .01 lot is the smallest .
    it is very small lot.../volume
    i am the worst trader in the world so i trade smallest.
    but i am also the most passionate
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  6. i will soon be posting some points on how i trade

    sometimes i just guess:D
  7. see chart :when we see a slow uptrend with lot of down bars,it is a good sign because even though the bears are active they are not able to push market down

    jour 3.png
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    As traderGOD mentioned, this is .01 lot. With Forex, your trade quantity is represented by lots. An FCM like OANDA will give you "units", which is typically 100,000 units = 1 lot. Within the trading platform MT4, a lot is represented by the quantity. So 1 = 1 lot, just as 0.5 = 0.5 lots or 50,000 "units". These are called micro lots (10,000 units).

    Many FCM's offer micro lots as well, which is 1,000 units or 0.01 lots.

    traderGOD, are you using a TP/SL? I can only see your stops getting hit in your order history but do not see any reference of a TP.
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    OK, but I'm still confused. Is one "unit" the same as one $ or one €?

    Also, curious about "NFA-registered instructors" -- does that mean Series 3? I hadn't seen that term before.

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    to echo TT many "units or lots" equal 1 $ or euro ? ie; what is the size of these trades
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