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    Hi guy's . im looking for you traders I found a great site to make money for us futures traders. before we go any further I am no way connected in any way with trader games. and why you ask why im so interested in advertising this site, "simple "the more players who join the more games there are on offer. I think in the coming months this is going to become very popular with traders is the brainchild of well-known financier Dermot Desmond, whose other investments include Celtic Football Club, London City Airport, Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados and the Dublin-based investment management house, IIU.
    The competitions allow players to use their judgement and skill, trading against real-time, exchange data. . Players can join any suitable game from the many on offer throughout the day, making a choice that matches their confidence, skill and appetite for winnings

    Games vary in length from 1- 4 hours, to day-long or week-long contests. During the games, players open and close virtual positions within realistic constraints such as overall exposure and stop-loss limits. Different strategies and tactics can be employed to achieve success. The winner is the player within each game who trades most successfully, based on P&L at game end. Unlike the markets on which they are based, every game produces a winner - a rare example of winning even with a negative P&L!

    Dermot Desmond owns investment management house in Dublin. You never know if a trader on tradergames looks good on the P&L, You could be asked for a job.You get good value for money on the 1000 pound games. you only need to put up 250 quid. To win a 1000 pound pot. but if you are not that confidence you can play for the 80 pound pots and you only need to put up 20 pound to enter.worth a look.:)
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    I forgot to mention Practice games, the Live Games list on the Home tab you will find the link to the "Practice Game". This game is designed to allow you to familiarise yourself with the Trader Games service, concepts and tools before playing "for real". There are no entry fees or prizes associated with Practice Games. Therefore you can play these games without providing credit card details

    its a bank holiday monday and the USA markets are closed although you take a look today there are a few games going on in the Europe markets,
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    thx for the link
  4. can you trade individual stocks on nyse and naz, or just indexes?
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    Hi Copernicus

    Unfortunately no. But maybe in the future I think they be looking in to it. At the moment its only the futures indices such as FTSE,DAX,SMI,DOW,S&P,NASDAQ,You can also trade all the major currencies,at
  6. its cool anyway, thankx
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    Have any of you had a look at and if so, what do you think of it. Could this be a new way to trade,( with very low margin.) and you can win even if you are in negative territory . in then goes who loses the less.

    However the most important is the 'overall stop-loss'. This prevents players taking large spurious positions. In the event of a player reaching the Stop Loss Limit defined for the game, that player is prohibited from undertaking further activity within the game.but only if 250.000 is hit remember if you place the max on a trade of 50.mill lets say the Dow. for every point the dow moves you will make or lose $4300 per point,

    But if you dont want to trade the max 50mill you can trade in 10s or 20s.I myself usually trade 25mill and if the market goes my way I add the other 25 mill.
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    What are they gonna come up with next. Futures of futures of futures?

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    I gather you not a fan, take a look in tomorrow and see how many traders are playing. for real money. remember this site is still in the early stages. I think its great. I also trade with IB but you cant beat value for money when playing for a 1000 pound pot. and only put in 250 pound.

    There are also lower games of 80 pound pots. If you don't feel that confident, ozzy

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    Who said I don't feel confident. I'm one of the most confident ppl I know. I just think the site is ridiculous.

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