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    Hi all,
    Some of you looked at the thread where I challenged Scientist to a match on
    Well those games never took off.
    BUT I think these will.
    I spoke with management at tradergames and they have agreed to subsidize the prices in the games I set up. This is because the site is new (started last month) and they are willing to pay a little extra to encourage players to join. (tradergames wrote to me when they saw the thread on ET, I have the same handle at both sites)
    So the deal is for every game that has 4 players at a $25 entrance fee the prize money is usually $96 (tradergames take a 5% rake).
    BUT for these special games they will add $54 to the pot and the prize money will be $150!!
    (I'm using $sign because I don't have a pound key)

    BTW They said they are already talking to Baron about possibly advertising here .
    P.s I made my first withdrawal of winnings yesterday and it was a matter of two clicks and the money went into the same credit card account which I used to deposit funds. Easy.
  2. I don't get it. Why don't you just agree to compare your daily equity runs for a certain period and agree that the loser pay the winner $150? That way, both players "win" as they will generate their usual trading profits and the bet pays for itself out of these profits.

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    Scientist has refused the challenge. This is a challenge to everyone on Elitetrader.
    Maybe you don't play poker, if you did you would understand.
  4. Within the framework of your analogy, not only do I play poker but I am a professional poker player. No professional poker player would be caught dead playing in a penny ante game while a WPT tournament was underway in the next room. Would be like an NFL player skipping the Superbowl to play flag football. Maybe you don't trade for a living, if you did you would understand. ;-)

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    Well I offered to start on the last thread with a $200 entry fees for the games in the tournaments. No one seemed interested.

    Anyway no problem... When I spoke with tradergames they said they will be flexible to suit any games I set up, including entry fees.
  6. I prefer to do my trading in the markets, thank you.

  7. Sounds like this is just another type of poker game.

    (Note: I never played poker but grew up around around my step-dad's trading buddies (floor traders) that played it a few times per month with a couple thousand in the pot)

    Maybe if you stop mentioning Scientist or stop challenging other traders you may get a more positive response.

    ET has had other challenges and those either got no participants or the game was full of so much negativity (the spark to the challenge) it couldn't be taken seriously.

    As John Joseph mentioned...I recommend you just compare daily trading records (especially if your trading the same trading instruments) if this is about Scientist.

    Yet, as I mention before...if this isn't about Scientist and just a different version of poker...

    If you want participants...stop mentioning Scientist or any challenges and start with a new theme title sort'uv speak.

    Something simple like SpotFX Trading Tournament should do very nicely and that theme title doesn't contain any mentioning of the negative aspects of trying to prove someone wrong or trying to prove a point.

    Last of may get more participants if you post the above theme title in the Forex thread...

    P.S. This also reminds me of the CCI thread that couldn't get to the point of discussing in-depth strategies or any detailed info about the effectiveness of CCI because it began with a negative tone about Woodie.

  8. So many traders have such an ego. It seems their only goal in life is to prove they are better than others...
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    I didn't realise challenge was a negative word, must have been living in Japan too long.

    Let me rephrase: You are hereby invited to a gentlemenly round of forex trading. Just to give it a slight spice a moderate sum is pooled and then given to the lucky trader who happens to end with the largest amount after each game. The site owners have also agreed to add in some of their own money. You are free to donate this to a charity of your choice or keep it.
    If you wish to remain anonymous, even so that you can't be identified by your current anonymous alias on on ET, you may use any handle you like.
    No imputations as to your skill will be entertained by your play during the game.
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    Just come across this thread, it looks like tradergames have gone quite, they dont even advertise their web site. I think the site is sound, but it does need players.

    I think if they offered this, lets say on a $50 game, all 4 players would place $50 in the pot.= 200

    1st price 100

    2nd price 50

    3rd price 50

    4th price nothing.

    or if you played the 250 game

    1st price 500

    2nd price 250

    3rd price 250

    4th price nothing.

    Basically you got a 1 in 4 chance of not lossing any money. Not bad. But the company would need to advertise the site.
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