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Did the trollites keep you from discussing ES stuff?

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  1. TraderEX


    I have blocked several ingrates, affectionately called the breakfast club because my first post was bullied by them. Now there is no one really playing in the forum with experience. Before I depart this forum, are there any suggestions that will revive a legitimate thread on the ES. Please be frank in the matter.
  2. Sprout


    Unless someone wants to trade like you trade, probably not going get a lot of responses. And the responses that you do get are most likely from those attempting to just get profitable. Although you are experiencing success with your method, it's a far cry from extracting the market's full offer.

    While you are taking advantage of price momentum and volume pace, there's much much more information that volume can provide.
  3. TraderEX


    Aren't we here for profitability? start a thread please with an appropriate topic, please
  4. Sprout


    From my pov, that's putting the cart before the horse.

    Being here for insight and understanding goes much farther, profits are a natural by-product of the two.

    If fact, folks for whom the above is not important are good to screen out.

    Since I've done my own DD on the matter which I've documented with my posts, it's more applicable to have your questions guide the responses.

    Starting from scratch doing the 5x5 grid drill is a good foundation to breakdown the market's operation on how a single bar builds by observing it's basic granularity.

    It involves making 5 rows of 5 columns of vertical lines making a grid. The vertical lines are segmented via horizontal 'ticks'. The ticks segment the bar into 4 equal vertical lengths each representing $.25 of a single point in the ES.

    All the possible cases of opens and closes of a single bar can be captured as a finite set. The set itself can be divided into three subsets of like-to-like. The like-to-like compares the number of 'legs' present in the subset of bars. All bars have the second leg present which is always the Dominant leg of the bar. Some have the 1st, 3rd or both missing. These bars can be organized in a logical manner.

    Trading is about building distinctions by learning a language, each concept builds on the previous.

    The above is a drill for a single bar, there are others that combine bars into sets of two, three, four, etc,...

    Once price is distinguished in it's basic granularity then volume can come into the mix.

    Volume leads price.

    The above statement can only be proven to oneself by doing work in the form of drills at first. Once something is seen then it cannot be unseen. Developing this sight will inform one's trading to a position to receive the market's full offer via intraday hold and reversal trading.

    Of course this might all be moot for from my observation you trade from your phone.

    This path when trading live would require annotating a chart in real-time as well as filling in a paper log. The process is known as MADA - monitor, analyze, decide, act. This process is engaged on every 5m bar. Engaging in this partnership with the market, due to the frequent repetition, one begins to develop trust in the 'tells' of the market. Once one begins to see the 'tells' then 'accepting' the tells comes up as well as the necessary actions that the 'tells' communicate.

    Others have stated that one needs 10k hours of screen time. If one accepts some variant of this, then perhaps having a language will reduce the screen time. No words = no distinctions. Having a language with a high degree of differentiation will produce the feelings of 'I know that I know' at any given moment in the market. Having a low degree of differentiation produces the common CW feelings of doubt, fear, anxiety and greed.

  5. TraderEX


    that's alot to take in so thx savant said you new the ropes what is a Since I've done my own DD) DD.
  6. Next time do not enter a place like an arrogant asshole bragging about your 1 tick trades and claiming we are all stupid not to understand how you are printing money. You will never admit it but you came in with a shitty atitude from your first post and that is why you attracted such ire. No one is impressed with someone being a dick while bragging about making $175 overtrading an account for ticks. Aso most exprienced traders don't get a hard on so quickly for miniscule profits, act like you traded before.

    Those with your attitude always fall in the same category. Start making some sim money and act like trading is the easiest thing in the world whereas a family of cats could not live off of what you are making.

    As I said, there are those of us not posting logorrhea or sim screen shots and discussiing real trades but you keep asking where the traders are. They are here with trades and discussions all over this place, many with screen shots of trades and summaries that are verifiable. Show some frickin respect for trading and don't act lke your $100 day means shit here when you put in 20-30 trades in a day.
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  7. fan27


    Rather than post mainly results, perhaps focus on elements of your strategy that could get feedback and help others. I checked out your first thread and did see some interesting nuggets of info from you but the thread deviated to name calling and bragging by you about your results. Now if you were showing that you were averaging $1000 per day and shared insight into your approach, that would command some respect.
  8. TraderEX


    Just got cut off from Jr's thread as non contributory. ET has made an accurate determination once again. I just can't believe the young lady told daddy on me, "make traderEx stop, whan). Victory is at hand. Oh how it feels to be the man. Savant you were correct.
    This response is directly contributory to this thread as will my following ones. Show me the rules and I will follow them, to the letter.
  9. TraderEX


    correct the thread started out as i was here a day. as the abuse piled in the mood changed and I let them get to me. bragging is good for a 1000 a day and not a win. i will remember this. thanks.
  10. funny the op i have on ignore is one of the few reasons i would not post anything other than cryptic shit that a brain would be needed to decipher. which btw makes it safe from the trolls cause you guessed it have no brain.
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