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    I love to trade and crunch numbers all day. Loved to drink and sleep late too. My small investments in an account usually dried up pretty quick. Tradovate makes it possible for new, small guys like me to compete. The best part, no phone calls offering false hope for large commissions. This is an easy way to the big auction.

    My best one tic play happens between 11 and 12 est.(more towards 11:15) I wait for the one candle that blows right out of the gate, big volume spike, a small pullback and the next pulse, in and out. Sometimes comes up as no seconds for the trade. Four contracts for a quick $50, before lunch. My other favorite is from 4:06-4:08 est. A very trendy time.

    Anybody have any one tic plays they want to share. I know you guys are out there.
  2. How much of a stop are using to get 1 tick?
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    Sorry for the delay. I use a 2 p and 4 trailing stop loss. I use market order for entry
  4. 4 tick stop loss, or 4 points?
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    4 trailing stop ticks amigo
  6. I'm confused why you would use a trailing stop if your target is 1 tick?
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    Try it on demo. Hit the market bid. 2-4 becomes 1-5. As it jumps back and forth the stop moves to 1-4. Isolating high speed of volume is the key. When you hit your one tick target, it becomes a 1-3
    At this point you need 75% wins to break even. Maybe 80% win fees-tradovate is cheapest I know. I hit 80% almost every day and sometimes up to 100% (60 contracts week before last).
    My stats read around 2 minutes. Per 3 contract trade average. My best recent month was plus net 1610 contracts for almost 2k my end. Upstart with 2k each month so 3 contracts are available per trade.
    You have to ID the rapid increase in volume over prevailing volume speed and act quickly. If the speed dies I usually die with it. Works best when daily volume closes around 1 to 1.4 million. I only use ES emini, most liquid.
    Not my only strategy. Maybe 70% of my trades. Have a 2 and a 3 tick plan also. The 1 tick I've used the longest. Always working on filters. Entry is not a gimme. Choose carefully and analyze each trade after out is completed.
    Hit 80% on demo then you are ready fr cash, or at least I was.
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  8. 2-4 becomes 1-5?
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    This thread is a gag right?
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  10. LOL. It might be. I'm having trouble understanding. I get a one tick target, 4 tick stop. I don't get 2-4 then 1-5, then 1-3. Is this just a joke?
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