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  1. got this at the expo--made it worth chating with the other lame vendors...this stuff is cutting edge in the psych aspect.

  2. how much 4 the service? No price on the website. I doubt it is free.

  3. it depends on how many trade stations you are equiping.

    i think they have a free trial.

    disclaimer--i have no relationship whatsoever with traderDNA--just thought it is cool unique effective software.

  4. Our firm is getting equipped with this thing pretty soon, it does look sharp. I'm lookin forward to it.
  5. Is ent them an e-mail about two weeks ago after reading the interview in ET chat. My e-mail was returned as undeliverable.
  6. If there is any value...

    It's the source code, then analyzing their logic.
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    I read about this about a year ago and looked at their site while they were still developing this stuff. It looks impressive and I believe that it will help you identify your short comings and areas which are working for you.

    You can also build your own "trader DNA" system by just using an Excel spreadsheet and recording your trades and as much information about your trades as possible in a format that can be selected and sorted.

    You can then run reports accross your trades and see what type of trades are working or not working.

    If you want to be sophisticated (and you're a day trader) then you would also include the high/low price for specific time segments after you've closed the trade (say 60, 120, 180 minutes) and that will allow you to see what the run up / draw down would have been if you'd stuck with the trade for longer.
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    This is what appeared on their site index when I looked at it:

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    Has anyone here used this stuff? I'll be in Vegas in Nov and might check them out at the trading summit. Looks pretty amazing if it works.
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