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    I just receive this in my E-Mail

    Their second annual list of the top-earning traders and how much they pulled in.
    starting today, monday 6 2005

    The Trader Monthly 100 is an eclectic bunch. Predictably, the fattest hedge-fund traders got fatter (we focused on traders instead of non-trading figureheads), and while the sell side can do only so much to keep up, it's not as if Street traders are getting paid in Camel cash. Energy traders particularly sizzled: The NYMEX alone produced a slew of TM100 members, including our cover boy, Eric Bolling . The year's over and the moneys counted. Now it's time for the top 100 to take their bow.


    The Trader Monthly 100
    Hedge Fund Traders

    Commodity & Pit Traders

    Prop & Independent Traders

    Tycoons & Legends

    Wall Street & Bank Traders


    A Word on Methodology
    An annual project like this is a work in progress. Each year, Trader Monthly refines its techniques and methodology. Already, we’ve found people we clearly missed last year (Eurex wizard Paul Rotter, currency kingpin Joe Lewis, a slew of NYMEX traders), and also heard from readers and sources about people we included in 2004 and shouldn’t have: options market maker Larry Falcone, CSFB’s Jeff Melnick and CDC IXIS’s Ramine Rouhani come to mind. We’ve tried hard to make this year’s list still more accurate.

    We’ve also tried to weed out those who are known as traders but who no longer trade (goodbye, Ken Griffin) and those considered longer-term investors (adios, Leon Cooperman); while there may be some on the list who don’t fall under the most stringent definition of a trader, we attempted to emphasize those actively trading or involved in the trading process in 2004. As we unearthed more candidates, our income bar got higher: at least $10 million, with hedge-fund traders required to post $25 million for admission.

    Today list Here: top hedge fund managers