Traderbrad - Is this worth $7.500.00 ?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Samson77, Mar 30, 2004.

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  1. Brad Caldwell

    This guy charges $7500.00 for this manual.

    Before one person pays one red cent for this let me tell you what you get for your money.

    The manual is 43 PAGES in Total.

    Divided by $7500.00 that = $174.40 per page.


    The first 30 pages ...

    A brief and I do mean brief explanation of Market Profile. All of this is stuff is completely FREE on the cbot web site.

    His cost for this is $174.40 x 30 pages = $5,232.00

    Pages 30 -32 ...

    A description of how to define the trend of a 1 min and 5 min ES chart, using a 20 EMA and a 50 EMA.

    Hmmmm that's a tough one !!!

    His cost for this is $174.40 x 2 pages = $348.80

    Pages 32 -39

    A description of the Tick, the normal Tick and his o so genius Tick16 which is really just a special feature in Neo Charts that allows you to plot the last 16 values of the SP100.

    (This is the only thing in this manual that might have any real originality to it but like I said it's really just a feature of Neo Tick)

    A description of how to SPOT divergence and reverse divergence with price versus the tick.

    Another toughie !!!

    This will cost you $174.40 x 7 pages = $1220.00

    Pages 40 -43

    How to set Goals and deal with SHAME (In his words ... the traders true enemy) and for an extra fee he will personally coach you through this difficult issue.

    His cost is $148.40 x 3 pages = $445.20

    So what do you think ET is all this FREE stuff worth paying this guy $7500.00
  2. traderob


    Hey, be fair. he gives a partial course for $5000.:D
  3. Was there a "money back guarantee" if not satisfied?
  4. you know what they say.....those who can, trade, those who can't sell overpriced worthless bullshit.
  5. This guys to slick for that... and when asked for statements he gives you one of the most unique answers I've heard so far.

    He claims that it is against CFTC rules to do so....

    What do think would the cftc would think about that?
  6. Did you actually spend the money?
  7. Just for future reference. I suggest that we make sure that most of that information is available for free in the ET threads. Best To All. Steve46

  8. Snoop please don't ask ....

    I already feel like a complete loser for buying this :(

    I was having a few bad months trading my own methods and made one of the worst mistakes a trader can make by thinking that someone else may know something that isn't readily available for free (in most instances) and out of frustration, I didn't follow my own rules of insisting on a Money Back guarantee.

    Once I went to this guys house (100 kms) from mine to pick up the course I knew, I was in trouble. He lives in this little house in a very small town.

    Every night on the guest section of his web site he posts a movie of the previous days trades that he claims to take in the live room. Needless to say they seem VERY impressive.

    Once I got into his live room I was fast to realize that it was a total lie, On Friday March 26th for example (A day I was in the room) he called 3 trades 1 loss 1 win 1 b/e for a net profit of $0.

    The very next morning on his web sites video he claimed that he made 6 trades for a net profit of approx 5 points.

    By this time it was to late ... I knew I was duped and once I read through his 43 page course I was so pissed I immediately asked for a refund.

    Then he barred me from his room ..... :mad:

    The only thing good about this whole thing is that I only paid him $4,000.00.

    Yes I know ... I'm pathetic go ahead in this case call me a loser... I deserve it.

    A huge regret.... and I know better that's the saddest part.
  9. Dude, you are not a loser. We have all done it to one extent or the other. If there is no way to get your money back, shake it off and move on. If you learned a valuable lesson for $4,000, it was worth it - and, a lot more people pay a lot more $$$ to learn the exact same lesson.
  10. Samson

    A loser would have tried to bs his way out of it. A man who can admit his mistakes has a chance. One who wont doesnt.
    #10     Mar 30, 2004
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