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    I am considering attending Trader’s Expo when it comes to LA in June. For anyone that has attended the event, what did you think?

    Any recommendations on speakers or workshops?

  2. I've been to good and bad ones. What made me like the good ones was that I met a lot of traders for drinks, coffee, dinners and learned a lot from them as opposed to some of the lectures. I will warn you that you that the seminars are there to make you buy something from the lecturer.

    Having said that, I did learn some thing. I mean eventhough it was four days long, that little bit that I learned did help. I am disappointed that Linda Raschke is not attending the one in Los Angelas, but her partner Chris Terry is. The upcoming Expo does not look as good as expos past.
  3. Until they start being a bit more innovative and bringing in more hardware companies, it will be the same old huckster show.
  4. Others have said the same.
  5. I went to my first Trader's Conference in 1998 and still dig out the info on occasion and reread it. I enjoyed the experience, however, Many of the Gurus spewing forth their great knowledge have long since been "railroaded" out of the limelight (some the industry).

    The old lesson of, Take what you want and leave the rest, is still good advice, IMO... "Question Everything" is another.

    Ask your "broker" for FREE PASSES some hand them out like candy!! Make sure you get the passes for the day(s) you really want to attend. Why spend good beer money to get in!!

  6. That is great advice. Print the above and take it with you if you are going.

    Just throwing this out there. I went to the Moneyshow in Orlando in February organized by the same organization. The cost of the trip would be deducted for tax purposes. Therefore, it's a cheap way to see Disney. I love Disney!! The Traders Expo in NY is right in Time Square. The other shows are also in good locations (Hong Kong, San Francisco, Vegas.

    But if you are going to LA just for the purpose of attending this upcoming expo, I suggest you take a pass on this one and see who is going to Vegas.
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    why not use the search feature here? lots of discussion of past expos already on the board.
  8. This is actually good advice. Check to see which lecture you would like to see, then take the time to google each presenter. You will find some good and bad things said about most of them. Try to guage who is credible, because some of the "gurus" have shills here.
  9. Here are my takes:

    Known snake oils to avoid (or I don't think much of what they said anyway):

    Oliver Velez
    John Carter (TradeTheMarket)

    These are good. I would attend theirs whenever I can:

    John Person (National Futures)
    Merlin Rothfeld (Online Trading Academy)
    Toni Turner
    Paul Lange (Pristine)

    Linda Bradford Raschke is good. But from what I understand she is not going to this Expo this year. (But her talks are always a fee event anyway.)
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    TTM is NOT tradingmarkets.

    carter did some stuff for tradingmkts, then went off on his own.

    not praise or condemning.
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