trader963/phil_m should be banned

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by triple_j, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. trader963/phil_mc should have the user id deleted and not be allowed to post again. This morning I read a thread where he used a news source and its headline but changed the story. This is illegal. I am sursprised ET supports this type of chicanery.

    Ban him or ban me.

    I'll check back in a weeks time and if he isn't gone, I won't be back. I won't click this site and I request my id to be deleted henceforth.

    If ET administrators want this to be a legitimate site, trader963's crap shouldn't be allowed.

    Just a thought,

  3. Tripple J,
    You should have put the thread in which he 'cheated', as well as the news source where we could go and verify it ourself.
    Disinformation is a big problem in chat rooms, forum boards, and thanks to sharp people like you who could denounce such practice.
    However, these people cannot be 'banned' because they will simple log on with other names, and keep doing what they do.
    The only thing that can be done is what you did, denounce the scam, let the whole board know.

    Cheers !! :)
  4. come on dude, he changed like 5 words and it was OBVIOUS it was meant to be a joke...
  5. Swipe


    Triple J ,

    I think you should be banned for spamming! I read his post and you can tell it was a joke. It was so absurd that only a someone with your iq would fall for it. As for being illegal it was reworded from what I can recall.

    Besides I liked reading his posts I thought he was kind of witty.

    Can I have your ID?

  6. :eek:
  7. truth is, phil mccracken is already in prison. he is in prison in maine. how do i know ?? he posted his phone number and i called it--- asked for him and the warden advised he cannot take phone calls. scary aye ??

  8. I am gonna phone him too!! :D
  9. ...Phil McCrevis.

    They have a cousin too -- Craven Morehead!

    As a matter of fact, their uncle -- Haywood Jablomie -- is also a hoot.

    ... bring them all your meats and cheeses!!

    (OK, I won't post the pic this time)

    dog:cool: :cool: :cool:
  10. and they love to play poker with harry paratestis
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