Trader666 constant stalking and harassment of other ET members

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Range Rover, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. I am posting this thread to point out the constant stalking and harassment from ET member trader666

    He doesn't seek to engage in intelligent debate ,he follows me around month after month with post like these

  2. I am not the only member who has accused him of this behavior

  3. Lucrum


    No but in all fairness the other guy was full of shit too.

    So what is it with all you leftist weenies, calling everyone racist isn't winning any arguments for you so now you make accusations of "stalking" hoping to silence the opposition?

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  4. I am not for silencing anyone.I am against members following other members around into every thread doing nothing but making insults in the hopes of turning every thread into childish name calling flame wars
  5. Best thing to do is to ignore them. By starting this thread you have proven that you are a total idiot. You should take a break from ET for a few months, 7.5 posts a day is taking its toll on you.
  6. Those who hide behind computer screens making childish insults that has nothing to do with intelligent debate fits my definition of a total idiot.

    7.5 posts a day isn't much.Obsessively following strangers around online month after month making insults probably takes a much bigger toll

    Your first suggestion has merit . I do get tired of seeing good threads and discussions being ruined by people like trader666 though.All good threads and debates that turn into childish 4th grade name calling contest start with people like trader666 and yourself
  7. [​IMG]

    Not only do you feed trolls you give them a complete all you can eat smorgasboard including drinks. Starting this thread is an all time low.
  8. I thought Trader666 ONLY stalks Jack Hershey?? :confused:
  9. And I thought it was only me and Gabfly:(
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