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  1. Yes, he is well hated and has banned hundreds of times. However, since it's obvious he's not going anywhere, dare I suggest ET reinstate his original account.

    The guy is one of the most hilarious trolls out there. Plus he generates tons of discussions and page views. I know there a several forumers which legitimately want him banned. He has definitely crossed the line from good ol' fun to downright shameful. But what can be done to stop him? It has been proven that banning him only makes him stronger; He gets a new audience with a new account.

    If he is given back his old account, everyone who does not like him can just add him to ignore and be done with it. The mods can continue to delete his posts that are out of line, but it will save time since the mods will no longer also have to delete the new account.

    I would much rather have T28 on the forums than stock_trad3r, Port1323312, or Mr. Rowshawn.
  2. you bring up a couple of good points.

    Obviously there's more than one troll on the site...

    No challenges to entry, so anyone can decide to use the site as their own personal destruction derby, right?

    Now what trader28 does that is different is he posts the same silly shit over and over, hoping that folks will get tired and give up and quit discussing the subject....

    Not a bad strategy really, and it works because the admin and mods do not seem able to keep up with the aliases...So the shitty comments exist for long periods of time and folks figure "what the hell do I need this for?" and they leave...

    What works in my opinon, and I guess you are saying something similar, is simply not responding....I say this because at this point, not many will respond to him. Some do out of frustration but obviously he loves it....and you can't embarrass the guy because he's already been proven to be a paper trader and a net loser. So what else does he have to lose?

    The other thing that I believe would work would be to assign one person to just follow the guy around and remove him every time he posts...and do it right away...I am pretty sure that if his posts and his aliases disappeared within a few minutes, he would find it too difficult to continue...So far the owner isn't willing to do it..

  3. Steve, I'm suprisingly going to agree. I know many people have every right to be angry at T28, and you probably have the best method which is to keep track of his alias and simply do not respond.

    I can honestly say that I do not have a problem with T28. He posts the same things over and over again because they keep getting deleted. The only reason why I'm semi-defending him is because of the Jack Hershey reminisce thread which was a riot!

    I was really enjoying reading it until a page or two of posts got deleted.

    Maybe if T28 can be reasoned with he can create a few threads here and there if he promises not to hi-jack the threads of others. Even if he did attempt to hijack, just delete the posts which is what the mods are doing anyway.

    I say give the guy a thread and let him post whatever he wants. Forumers won't have to read it, reply to it, or can ignore it. Since he will be down to
    One alias, it would be so much easier to tune him out.
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    I would never join a site that would accept me as a member
  5. Hey Tubby,

    Are you having a good day?

  6. I'm still waiting for that lego version of Jack Hershey!
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    Can't remember the last bad one Jethro :p
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    Gee, not much support for the OP's proposal.

    Oh wait, there's not any support at all.

    Guess that pretty much says it all...

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    You telling steve to shut up in another thread then coming in here with obviously nothing better on your social calender says quite a bit too :p
  10. examples plse... given all the trash on i could v.easily have missed them but i've only seen him trolling obvious frauds and/or trolls such as stevette and their groupies... of course it can be annoying to some who are not aware of who's the real fraud/troll... big deal... show me a case where he's provided stupid answers to neutral and thoughtful comments on the markets, i'd be curious...
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