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    I ran into this web site and was just curious what you guys think of this:

    Jibba-jabber or something worthwhile?
  2. the guy's for real but his style is kinda crazy.
  3. The warrior jackets are dorkey. Who thinks that buying a samurai sword will help your trading?

    The only thing I dislike more than the trader as warrior analogy are those who like to compare traders to Kobe or Tiger Woods. (Its way easier to be a trader than a pro athlete. A trader can see the light and start to become profitable within a year. Pros have to put ten years of effort into their training and even then only 1 out of 1,000 will make it from THAT select group.)
  4. What's it cost to advertise on Elite Trader? I want to print up 1,000 T-shirts that say "The S.E.C. Sucks!" and market them on this site.
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    Jibber jabber or ?
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    Well, I thought that the presentation was a little over the top but I think he has some interesting thoughts. I'm referring to the 'Handbook' section where he talks about Dow Theory and other stuff.

    But I don't really like the idea of trading as 'war' or a trader as a 'warrior'. I prefer to think of it like m'surfer implies...that is surfing or riding waves. Peaceful, at one with the elements, and above all striving for harmoney :D

    Just thought it was an interesting site to bring to the attention of
    the trading brethren here. :)
  7. Seems a little behind the times, or mathematics that is. Superstring theory with vibrating strings in 27 dimensions is more like the analogy they should have given. Just my 2 cents.
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    I too think the "warrior" image isn't the best one for individual traders. If anything, the biggest opponent is our own self-- the reactionary one that gets in the way of doing our best-- and rather than "fight" that one, we need to bring it to peace.

    Tao oriented martial arts training strives to get beyond the concept of "the self" at any level, thus the "trader warrior" imagery as a vehicle to get into a Tao mindset. Tao is intellectually appealing, but I found Vipassana meditation a more direct and less mumbo-jumbo way to "know thyself".

    At any rate, I'd wager many aspiring traders like the warrior part, in fact feel they are fighting the market or other traders/manipulators, etc. Connie Brown's book "Aerodynamic Trading" also capitalizes on the athlete imagery and throws in Tao for good measure.

    She tells a good story of two old masters meeting in a competition. The two old boys square off in the opening stance. And so they stay, completely immobile. After 5 minutes, the fight is called a draw. Neither reacted, not even a blink, for to have done so would have tipped the balance, leaving an opening for the opponent to strike. Mind you, it sounds like not pulling the trigger to me (lol), but the idea being that it isn't the fight against the other, but ourself, that wins the bout.

    more thoughts on this, but this is overlong as is.

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    This analogy put me off, sounded sort of pompous. While interesting in itself, understanding string theory won't do much to further my grasp of trading mechanics. It's like proving God exists, or proving that the old masters like Buddha had it right after all. The UCLA physicists using earthquake physics to predict crashes, while esoteric and remote from how I trade, is at least market related.
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    I have always wanted one. I think they the are beautiful.

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