Trader w/ a felony coviction

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    Any traders on here who have a felony conviction within the last 10 years? If so please offer some advice on how to get a firm to file for eligibility proceedings on my behalf. Tell me how you were able to overcome this obstacle. Any companies that you know are understanding and would be willing to do so? I have hit a wall witht his matter and need help. Please find it in your heart to lend a hand. I am a finance major in college and feel as if I am wasting my time now given my mistake. Like everyone else on this site I love the markets and want nothing more than my chance to be involved.

    Thank you very much
  2. I seem to remember you asking this question several weeks ago. Didn't you get several responses then? Even still, why did you post the same exact question in multiple threads? Kinda like shouting isn't it?

    As far as your question goes, why don't you just day trade at home or something? No one will hassle you about your papers or past history. Just curious why you need to work for a prop firm in the first place.

    Good luck.
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    Try appeal court, they might be able to reverse the concition or talk to a lawyer or a law professor who has experience with criminal laws to see what other option you might have.

    Good luck
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    Hey brocklanders,

    Whats with the tone? I dont care too much for the attacks you rude insensitive you know what.
    1) Yes I did post a similar question a while back
    2) Obviously I didnt get anywhere. If I had I wouldnt be asking people for their help.
    3) I asked for help not smart remarks. Are you here to conversate with your peers or to attack people who cant punch you in the face for doing it?
    3) I posted it several times because I wanted to make sure I got several responses from people who might have something meaningful to say or some first hand experience to share. And, because I can.
    4) Who ever said that I wanted to trade Prop?

    Start your own thread if you want to ask questions smart ass. This one is for answers and you didnt give any.
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    I've already posted about this. I've have direct experience in this matter and have posted on one of the other half a dozen threads he has started on the topic.
  6. chill dude, I didn't attack you. I asked you an honest question and honestly hope you get your situation straightened out. I was more annoyed that you were blasting your message out to 4 different threads. work on that anger problem. g/l
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    If the conviction was WITHIN 10 years, you will need more than a firm willing to sponsor you as you can be barred from membership when you submit your U-4 even if a firm is willing to sponsor you. What you really need is a good lawyer who understands securities regulations to assess your situation. There are felony convictions that will cause more problems than others, notably theft and fraud. (Of course, the old murder and rape convictions don't help much either :) )
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    well Brocklanders,
    as any mature adult could guess this is a sensitive and serious topic for me. I am here putting my business on the web in the hopes tha I can get somewhere on this issue. The last thing I want to see considering how frustrated and upset I am about my situation is someone making the comments you made about "why I am asking again bla bla bla" If you dont have anything to add than dont worry about it. Just dont comment. While I work on my anger issues how about you work on your people skills.

  9. You need a good lawyer and you can get that done. Are you in NY? As i can give you the name of a very good criminal lawyer.
  10. First of all, I think its typically spelled "blah." And secondly, there's a difference between "people skills" and "dumb fucking idiots on the internet skills." In my opinion he was making an attempt to be helpful. If this conversation occured in a bar, the only thing you'd probably be making a successful attempt at would be more jail time you fucking tool. Your anger issues will kill your chances of anybody taking a chance on you. And I'm not talking about financial firms or institutions hiring you. I'm generalizing. You're attacking people on a message board where you're asking others to help you out? That's just ridiculously ignorant.
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