Trader Vic:Hyperinflation is definitely coming

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  1. "Trader Vic" Sperandeo is on CNBC describing the historical pattern for the onset of hyperinflation, and says the conditions for such a runaway inflation are now here in the US.

    He traded for George Soros and Leon Copperman during his 40 years in business and his Trader Vic books are the stuff of legend.

    Victor Sperandeo has seen almost every kind of market, but he’s now preparing for something rarely seen.

    He's preparing for hyper-inflation.

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    Good. Now my house can get back to its 2007 purchase price. :D
  3. I am in your debit for your post. Gratias! Merci! Danke! Domo arigato! Thanks! Spasiba! Whatever the fuck your native langrage is. I have always loved Vic's work. I didn't even know he was still alive, he looks older than me. It was shameful how that Jap bitch and that punk jew interrupted him, I think he could have talked nolegibly for hours. When I hear "Buy gold" I have to cry out "Amen, brother!" But you also need to buy lead, propelled by smokeless powder, not to be cornfuzed with smokeless tabakker.
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  6. Interesting Post.

    Thanks for sharing:)
  7. You mean a gold bug, with an agenda, thumping hyperinflation, just as gold is cratering? Who would have thunk it? :D

    This isn't 1975. This is more like 1933. Financial/credit crisis pretty much guarantee throw the possibility of hyperinflation out the window. We are going to need GDP at like 10% for this to happen.

    But those are just the pesky details that don't matter when a dude has a job to do in pumping and dumping gold. :D
  8. What's his performance like these days?

    And I commend his restraint for not bringing up Ayn Rand in his commentary, as he had done in his books.

    Perhaps Mr. Sperandeo should do gold commercials during breaks in Glenn Beck's shows, where Glenn pontificates on the virtue and urgency of the 3 Gs: God, Gold and Guns.
  9. You only need a little?

    Why would he say that?

    If you believe something is going to go up 1000%....

    You buy all you can, no?
  10. Someone needs to show Vic a chart of bond yields.
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