Trader trying to get back into IT side of business in Chicago

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    I've been trading Futures for the last year and am looking to stay in the industry, but not on the trading side. I graduated from ASU in 1998 with a degree in Computer Information Systems. I did 3 years of IT work supporting traders at ABN/AMRO and UBS O'Connor. I then worked as a Brokers Assistant in the Eurodollar pit for 3 years. The last year has been a bad year of trading. Anyone have any leads on any shops in Chicago looking for a IT nerd with some trading experience. I landed a job with Lehman Brothers, but they are trying to move me to the third shift. Ive worked that shift before and do not want to go throught that misery again. I have attached my resume in Word format. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    what is the third shift? is that a graveyard shift or something? also, you currently employed, but you post your resume here with the name of your employer on the resume. aren't you concerned?
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    My last day is the 18th of this month.
  4. You can work the "third shift", which I assume goes from midnight until 8am, and then trade the S&P, 10-year note, bunds and DEX.
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    send me an email at kedar.r.bhat at I may know of something.
  6. I'm trying to stay away from trading. I had a not so pleasant year.
  7. Lehman's a very reputable firm. Stick out the 3rd shift if you can, then request to move to the Day shift.
  8. I know Lehman is a good company to work for. I've worked the graveyard shift before. It is just not for me. That is the main reason I'm looking to move on.
  9. If you are single and unattached - go to IT contracting. (you must be a gypsy at heart and hate stupid corporate asskissing and politics)
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    Yes, the politics are annoying as heck, the ass kissing is worse. Especially when my last 4 years were spent in the pits clerking and trading on the screen. I miss those days.
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