Trader Trainers Needed - Haiti

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    We are seeking traders able to relocate 6 months per year to our office in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Traders should have a solid track record with training experience. Ideally you should have an interest in social justice. Housing and security, as well as office space with fiber-optic internet with redundancy, will be provided.

    The office is owned by a USA-registered non-profit that has provided Haitian children in forced domestic servitude and extreme poverty with education, health services, and daily food since 1999. We work with USAID and other major international agencies and government partners.

    We will be training educated, competent, and motivated Haitian young adults to make a living by trading equities in a conservative, risk averse strategy. With 50% unemployment, there is a large number of highly educated and highly motivated adults who can not find work despite best efforts. If a job is found, a typical salary is $1500 - $3500 USD per year. We will provide an opportunity to trade for a living at a modest scale, aiming to enable individuals to earn $10,000 USD per year.

    PM with interest.
  2. I make that in a month. Not interested.
  3. He is not saying you get a salary of $10,000 a year. He is saying the point of the project is to get them to make about $10,000 a year instead of the $3,500.
  4. When your gut feeling says, "Something doesn't feel right here."

    Well, listen to it.

    Give them money to trade, never see it again, no re-course, and the USA could care less. good luck.

    First, let's see pictures of the establishment.
  5. This has fraud written all over it. Saving haitans by teaching them how to trade?

    Give me a break...

    You just a need a bunch of people who can further inflict the pain and misery on an already devastated country.

    Can anyone else smell the bs or is it just me?
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    Perhaps Bouncy left this off: :D :D :D
  7. Do trading strategies have to be based on voodoo? :confused: :cool:
  8. We have Nigerian scams.

    Now, we have Haitian scams.

    Besides, who wants to live in Haiti. Trader lifestyle in Haiti sucks hairy moose balls.
  9. I think this is legit. Been done in other developing countries though mostly Asian.
  10. Do you get to go the beach , if u looking for free suntanning paradise holiday?and gambling holiday?
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